axle shafts

  1. Deathvalleypaul

    For Sale  Birfields, Drive Flanges, hubs, axle shafts, spindles, calipers

    So Cal BIRFIELDS for 93-97 ARE SOLD, NICE PAIR OF SHORT BIRFS NOW AVAILABLE, $100 EACH INCLUDING SHIPPING. Backing plates, Spindles, Axle Housing, Tie Rod, Axle shafts , Drive flanges, Relay Rod (Drag Link), Sway Bar, ETC ETC ETC Parts available for 91-97 Cruiser or LX series. From a 1997...
  2. cruisertom

    For Sale  FJ62 rear axle shafts and driveshafts

    Have a pair of FJ62 rear axle shafts from an 1989 FJ62. $75 for the pair plus shipping. Also have a rear housing backing plates are shot. $25 don't want to ship. Also various driveshafts from fj60, fj62 and early small pattern yoke from probably a 40 or 55. $50 I am about 1.5 hours south of...
  3. Randy88FJ62

    For Sale  FJ62 rear SOA semi-float axle and spare semi-float axle shafts

    I am upgrading to a 97 FZJ80 Full Float rear axle so the stock FJ62 axle and spare axle shafts are up for grabs. I have at least one set of spare rear axle shafts (short and long side) plus the entire rear axle complete. Seals and bearings done on rear axle recently. Drives good with no issues...
  4. ccslider

    Wanted  Front axle shafts fjz80

    I'm looking for good condition axle shafts, I do not need birfs. If you have a set that does not have a groovy seal area then I'm interested. Thank you
  5. ccslider

    axle shafts different locked vs non-locked

    Trying to figure out if the axle shafts for the front are different on a 1997 locked vs unlocked.. I have yet to find that they are different but figured someone probably knows and can be a hero! Thanks!
  6. Stumpalama

    For Sale  [VA] FJ40/FJ60/FJ62 short side axle shafts

    2 short side front inner axle shafts to choose from. $25 plus shipping each.
  7. pappy

    For Sale  [NM] Front axle shafts and Birfields

    More garage cleaning. Front axle shafts and Birfields. All bits $35 each, plus the ride. (1x) OEM course spline Birfield, FJ40 (1x) OEM long side axle shaft, FJ40 (2x) OEM Birfield, mini-truck/4R & FJ60 (2x) OEM long side axle shaft, mini-truck/4R & FJ60 (3x) OEM short side axle shaft...
  8. baldilocks

    Nitro Rear FF axle shafts

    I'm about to order a set of Nitro rear chromoly shafts for my 93. What has your experience been with these? Are they worth it? I run 35's, for now, will be installing 3.1 low range gears soon and find myself in the rocks quite often on the Rubicon and such. Stories of broken rear FF...
  9. Phildoh

    Wanted  FJZ80 Rear FF axle shafts

    I have e a 96 fjz80, e-locker, FF and need rear axle shafts. Looking for asap, truck is torn down and going back together soon! For shipping purposes, I'm in 95819. They're 80 bucks for the pair at the local dismantler, when in stock. Got some? I need em! Phildoh
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