1. Bamagirl

    Attic storage/organization options?

    Do any of you have attic storage options in your vehicle over the cargo area? I have seen some use a wire system and others use a netting system. I'd love to be able to find something that I could use in the cargo window areas to store things and get them up off the floor or out of a box for...
  2. Markuson

    Molle Seat & Attic by Blue Ridge Overland

    Big thumbs up for Blue Ridge Overland Gear's Molle Seatback and Attic ceiling net: All of my use-specific radios now have a spot on the passenger seat-back within easy reach as driver... (Airport/plane, CB, Two-way to hand someone in a driving to soon be replaced by a HAM handheld...
  3. mechanist

    Attic fan?

    I have rear facing carseats in my truck, and a third row. It gets hot back there and the rear-facing car seats get no airflow. Summer is coming, and the Carolinas are oppressive once the humidity and heat unify to overthrow humanity. In seeking to copy @jcardona1's attic setup it also seems...
  4. montegofd3s

    Attic Racks/Storage Shelf Talk

    Hello Everyone, Last year I saw some pretty nifty designs for attic racks and storage at 100's in the Hills, and I would like to get cracking on building one this year since labrack seems to not be making them at this time (and they were like 350 bucks....ouch). Any who, I have done some...
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