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    Vendor 1986 Toyota Landcruiser BJ74 MWB

    For sale. 1986 Toyota Landcruiser MWB BJ74. Factory 13B-T 3.4 L 4cyl turbo diesel engine, 5 speed manual transmission, genuine Toyota snorkel, towbar, flares, ARB deluxe front bullbar, IPF spotlights and 90L diesel tank. - Australian delivery ‌16v (NOT a Japan pto import) - travelled 350,000km...

    Wanted R151F transmission

    I am looking for a R151F trans.. I haven't found any here in the US. Any idea about cross-over parts for a Diesel J70? Thanks!
  3. U

    Canadian BJ70: Looking For Opinions

    Hi Everyone, 1987 Toyota LandCruiser BJ70 - Diesel LHD | Cars & Trucks | Calgary | Kijiji I am hoping to get some opinions on this BJ70 that i am looking at. It seems to be mechanically sound, when i checked it out it started right up with no smoke. It shifted smoothly and accelerated good...
  4. J

    HZJ78 - Transmission rebuild

    Hi guys - great forum and have been a non member reader for a long time! Just wanted to share an experience with anyone else with an HZJ78 in the event that it may save them some serious $! i have a 2000 HZJ78 troop carrier as below (i live in new zealand), with about 260kms, has a rough life...
  5. LZFJ40

    Parts for 1987 LJ70: Oil filter and Owners manual

    Hello everyone, I've used the USA parts availability thread from this forum with good success and have ordered many correct parts for my '87 LJ. Thank you to all the contributors! I am having trouble obtaining a correct oil filter for my 2.4 2LT engine. The 90915-YZZ03 filter is 1/2 the size of...
  6. Sean Davis

    70 Series 1PZ Transmission?

    Forgive the question that has likely been answered but I am unable to find which transmission (and how many splines) is fitted to a 1993 70 series 5 cyl 1PZ. Mine took a dump yesterday with some horrid noises on deceleration and an inability to downshift to second gear. This failure happened...
  7. 4x4ren

    4X4 stickers, T-shirts, phone case, cups

    Offroading related vehicle Products for sale Toyota Land Cruiser 70 Series by 4x4ren posted Dec 9, 2016 at 8:20 PM Toyota Land Cruiser 70 Series by 4x4ren posted Dec 9, 2016 at 8:20 PM and more others check out more at: Car Tshirts by MandalaPics please let me know if you have any advise...
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