1. Q

    FZJ80 Fuel gauge inaccurate readings

    Hi Fellas, I own a 96' FZJ80 GXL 4.5l and I've been having some trouble with the main fuel gauge giving me inaccurate readings. I live in Australia so it's a right hand drive vehicle if it matters. But when I filled up recently the fuel gauge pegged at above full and hasn't moved until now that...
  2. Mudder92

    Diesel Power Conversion

    Hello all. I'm a diehard Land Cruiser lover. I'm currently in the process of purchasing my 6th LC. It's a 1996 4.5l. Factory lockers and in very nice condition. It has about 290k miles on it and has no real problems. My question or more maybe a goal of mine is to convert it over to a diesel...
  3. Redclayrob

    Coolant hose routing on fj80 4.5l

    I have a small hose under the rear of the lower intake toward the back half of the block. The hose is about 3/8... Anyone know what it connects to? Its already on a small port on the block. And its molded.
  4. S

    For Sale  1997 4.5L Land Cruiser Engine for Sale in CO

    Hi All, I have a 1997 4.5L land cruiser engine for sale. It has not been stored outside but in my shop on an engine stand. This engine is located in Fort Collins, CO. Asking $350. Please call Steve at 970-614-8302 or email at stv_007@yahoo.com.
  5. LSDbrand

    Engine bogs under full throttle

    Hello eveyone. I have been reading a lot in IH8MUD and it has been very helpful on my truck. I actually have a Toyota FJZ73 but the engine is exactly the same as on the injection FJZ80 so I think I will get more replies on this forum. just to start the car is Toyota 1998 FJZ73 Engine 1FZ-FE...
  6. Hannibal LX

    For Sale  SUPERCHARGER 80 series 4.5L by Magnuson (new)

    $5100 *** I have one Magnuson manufactured SUPERCHARGER 4.5L being shipped to me (brand new) within 5-7 days. If anyone wants it, it will be $5100. If you don't want to miss the opportunity to have the ever evasive "unicorn" SC of the 80 series, then hit me up. I will not budge on the price and...
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