1. The Ark

    For Sale  Vallejo Ca - Set of 5 Tacoma Wheels w/ 255/85r16 BFG mud terrain KM2

    I tried these out on my FJ62 and decided to go with something taller, wider and with less backspacing. Tires have about a third of the tread left ( about 5/16ths of an inch). I sourced the wheels from a Toyota dismantler in Sacramento and had them professionally powder coated. They are 16x7...
  2. ikarus

    SOLD  1 Cooper ST Maxx 255/85r16, LX470/100 Spare

    Never driven on. Bought summer 2015. Free, don't want to ship. Located in Salt Lake City, Utah
  3. PNWScooby

    For Sale  New 255/85r16 ST Maxx w/ wheels

  4. Plenty of Clearance

    Plenty of Clearance

  5. No Rubbing

    No Rubbing

  6. The Tires Work

    The Tires Work

  7. Tire Fitment Rear

    Tire Fitment Rear

  8. Tire Fitment Front

    Tire Fitment Front

  9. TLC Norway

    255/85R16 on 16x6 on 60

    Hey, since i was looking for info on this setup when debating what size to buy, im posting it now. Lots of pictures here of this tire and wheel combo, not so many on a 60. This HJ61 has OME and a tad longer shackles. So i'll add a few. Balanced with 200grams of easy-balance sand, no...
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