1. 15bt Tacoma

    Builds Introducing my 2004 Tacoma built on 1ton chassis with dual wheel rear end

    My 15bt finally made it to America Truck's fist drive with Toyota 5vzfe Can any help me with this drive train swap? Trying to mate a 15b turbo to the h55f gearbox. The most common diesel swap here is a b series cummins with a dodge or ford gearbox, 15bt is relatively unknown here in the USA...
  2. 15bt Tacoma

    Worlds first 4door dually Tacoma and 15bt swap

    Built my 2004 Tacoma on 1 ton dually chassis. Running great not but I'm about to perform the greatest drive train upgrade on it. 15b turbo and h55f gearbox. Need info on how to mate those two Any help will be appreciated. Thanks.
  3. savvas

    B to 15B-F swap

    Edited (Feb 2017): This turned out to be a frame off restoration of a BJ43 with a 15B-F and h41 so scroll down for more info. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Not really a swap thread yet, but hopefully soon enough. Tomorrow...
  4. 4apay

    For Sale Price check 15B-F

    Thinking about is it worth part-out my Dyna with 15b-f. Engine is good 200k run only. Any ideas about contract price? FOB os CIF negotiable
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