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    Jackery Thread

    I was using the 110v plug on the Jackery. I had the tube heater and humidifier off. It’s my understanding there is some loss with the sine inverter using the 110v. It would be more efficient to use 12v power supplies for the Cpaps. I’ll run the Jackery tonight at the house with the tube...
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    Wiring Diagram - How badly did I screw this up?

    I utilized similar components. But didn’t go the dual battery route. I ran 4ga marine from the starting battery all the way to the rear fuse block. Someday I may go dual battery, but for the time being, it works good.
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    Jackery Thread

    After using my Honda eu2000i for a Number of years while outdoors, I decided for the sake of all around, even though they are extremely quiet at the end of a 100’ 12/2 cord, to go with a Jackery 500. What has changed, for the last 3 years I’m on a cpap. Using the Jackery recently off grid, with...
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    93 Alarm removal (step by step w/pics)

    All done. 4/93 For some reason I didn’t have the black connections , (or I was confused) because I didn’t find the black connections in Post #37 step 5. I did have two wires that were in line tapped to two wires under the steering column. One went to the horn wire, couldn’t see where the...
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    A/C compressor purchase options and system replacement

    When I upgraded my system to 134 I replaced all components except the lines. I used Nylog Blue on all the connections. Don’t know if it helped, but I broke every connection and switched all the o-rings to green from 4/93 oem. Didn’t have one leak when I pulled it down with the vacuum pump. Been...
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    Door panel removal procedure

    I would add when I replaced my window regulators, after their first one I figured out that trying to peel the vapor barrier was a Bad idea For the second one I only “X” cut the big hole where the regulator comes out and the couple of holes to loosen the nuts. Then Gorilla taped the holes back...
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    Wanted Midwest: Looking for rooftop tent 4-person and 12v fridge / freezer

    I saw this on Craigslist. Kind of a haul to get it
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    SAND BAGS for portable CANOPY or TENT suggestions?

    Those came with a branded canopy we bought for work They rip easily when snagged just a little and the hole keeps running away and getting larger and larger , it’s not a rip stop woven material , it unravels . I would stay away from these I have access to heavy woven cash/coin bags , the...
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    High quality ground tents - the set up speed of the RV-5 but smaller packed dimensions?

    The Springbar Classic Jack 100 is one of the models that Springbar has that is manufactured in China for Springbar according to their website. There’s an US flag next to the models which according to them Made in the US .
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    Trxus tires

    The 34X12.50R15 Interco Super Swamper TrXus MT has a diameter of 34", a width of 12.9", mounts on a 15" rim and has 651 revolutions per mile. It weighs 64 lbs, has a max load of 2405 lbs, a maximum air pressure of 35 psi, a tread depth of 19/32" and should be used on a rim width of 9-10". Sorry...
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    For Sale 62 Lincoln Continental , Washington Mo

    Yes . Vacuum is also involved
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    For Sale  62 Lincoln Continental , Washington Mo

    62 Lincoln Continental Turns over-haven’t started All trim present Looks sharp, needs someone to spend a little time on her. Last ran 2 years ago. 24k Located in washington mo
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    Front differential pinion seal leaking?

    That’s where I’d start Happened on the 100,80 And the 200 clogged /stuck breather cap. After replacing issue went away .
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    New A/C compressor pulls a vacuum on low side

    Are you opening the low and high side valves at the same time?
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