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    Wanted Windshield Frame FJ40 (1977)

    Inbox is full. For Sale - Florida: 76 Windshield Frame Assbly. and NOS Toyota Windshield Glass (Not Installed)
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    Wanted 1976 Rear Harness, Steering wheel blinker assembly,

    If you need the complete turn/dipswitch assembly it can be sourced NOS from Toyota - if your Atlanta dealer doesn't offer TLCA discount, just order from Ralph Hayes in SC. I might have a spare for parts - will check later today to see if the connectors are any good.
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    For Sale Florida - Bucket Seat to Floor Brackets

    Wasn't 1970 a bench seat model? If so, entirely different setup.
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    For Sale  Florida - Bucket Seat to Floor Brackets

    Have the 4 small pedestals and the one passenger leg - in good or VGC, no rust or separation, etc. Unfortunately the centerount/console support got left in a shop in Alabama - doubt I'll ever get it back. $100 obo plus ride for the 5 pieces.
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    For Sale Florida: NIB Procomp 55 Watt Stainless Lights

    TTT. Also have a NOS pair if Hella Rally Metal - the big ones, in the boxes.
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    Turkey trot 2019

    Do post pics and/or a link to the FB thread with pics. With stuff being on different forums it's a pain for those of us stuck on other trips to armchair wheel these days....
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    For Sale SOFL NOS FJ40 Telescopic Mirror Arm and Square Mirror Head

    Yes, just one - title is singular, not plural :hillbilly:. Sorry if the pictures imply otherwise, just anticipated that most folks would want pics of both sides (of the one arm and mirror that is). Would only split if there were takers for the arm too. Make an offer.
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