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    69 FJ40 F motor Carb search

    Nobody’s criticizing the truck. It’s just that nobody believes it’s a 3500 mile survivor. We tend to become a little skeptical anytime somebody says a post 1964 40 series is numbers matching.
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    15” steel wheels

    Those are indeed 15’s, although not from a Cruiser. Probably an early pickup.
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    VintageTEqParts Needed Solutions

    Can I double like that?
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    What year?

    It’s a 1966-1967 model.
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    Dune Beige 416 help please!

    Any paint shop should be able to scan and mix some paint for you. The paint you bought looks a lot more like dune beige than the “original” paint on your truck does.
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    Simple way to identify the model year of Land Cruiser 40

    I think you have that backwards. The newer models swing to the rear. Easy to tell by the position of the lock. Lock will be in the front on the newer models.
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    1963 rhd fj43 on vancouver craigslist

    johnny, any idea if those early original floor mats were the same material as the running board material?
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    1960 FJ28L - Project Lara

    I have no idea what an FJ28 wagon rear plate bracket is supposed to look like. But the bracket on your truck sure looks like an FJ25 bracket so it’s likely original. in regard to the heater: I wouldn’t bother installing one unless you plan on driving it in the winter. They were installed at...
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    1960 FJ28L - Project Lara

    1960 would be 4-bolt fenders. 1959 was the last year for three bolt. There’s not much difference between these fenders and an early 40 fender besides the lack of turn signals and some mounting holes. inspection lamp sockets on 25’s were on the firewall below the glovebox like on other early...
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    Wanted 14b-(t) or 3bii turbo exhaust manifold

    EBI has/had these reproduction 13BT manifolds if that’ll work:
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    Anyone recognize this Blue 1971, and/or it's mods?

    I’m surprised the salesman didn’t tell you it was the grandmother that used to drive it.
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    Anyone recognize this Blue 1971, and/or it's mods?

    Run away. I can guarantee somebody built this thing and got sick of trying to fix all of their F-ups and unloaded it on some poor sucker. edit: Oops. Just reread your first post. Good luck!
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    Anyone know where to buy these?

    Available almost anywhere including eBay. As are the Triumph sender boots commonly used as a replacement.
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    Wanted Carburetor Insulator block # 21912-61020

    Wasn’t the insulator integrated with the heat shield?
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