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    Wanted FJ40 OEM Rear Body Reflectors

    @ToyotaMatt had some
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    What Did You Do with Your 80 This Weekend?

    No more broken smashed hardware to deal with.
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    Lower rear shock mount replacement?

    One side done I’ll run it for a bit and do the other side later if it works ok. Other side is not making noise yet. Lol
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    Lower rear shock mount replacement?

    Well I committed to something even if it gets cut back off so I can go wheelin tomorrow...Thanks @SNLC that looked like a well thought out fix.
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    Lower rear shock mount replacement?

    Here is what I’m considering. I’m sick of fishing broken bolts out of these studs.
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    Lower rear shock mount replacement?

    Has anyone got tired of replacing those shock bolts and or broke one in the stud just replaced it with a double sheer shock mount like ruff stuff sells? Third time I’ve removed them and broke the hardware and tried to save the threads in the stud. Yes I know there is a tube guard deal that...
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    First battery impact wrench. How to avoid breaking bolts

    They break bolts for sure...I’ve had luck backing out a few threads spraying your preferred lubricant on the threads and running the bolt back in and out spraying it again and repeat until you can back it all the way out.
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    Insurance issues after hit and run

    Your auto body shop knows how to get paid or the shop you should have gone to knows how...leave it to the Pro’s..
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    Advice on Summer Trip - Jackson Hole then to Big Sky

    The boiling river is fun to soak in. It’s just south of the north entrance to Yellowstone near Gardner Montana. Chico hot springs is a great place to stay as well. Floating on the Madison and Jefferson rivers on tubes is a hoot too. Man I could go on and on! Montana rules!
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    Bring a Trailer FJ40 prices...what?

    if your gonna chebby it fender headers are badass! I had a set on my 74 and it never cooked anything sounded good too. They rusted out though and went to ram horns.
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    Fj80 rocker chop body mounted sliders

    105 series with the 1FZ is what I’ve seen they come on. It dumps the manifold between the frame rails.
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    For Sale Los Angeles 1964 fj45 cab 0 rust ,testing the waters to see if its worth selling or keeping it $10k obo

    No title, no frame. it’s worth what the parts are worth. Add them up and put a price on it..start high and come down as if you don’t get any interest. This forum always gives sellers crap when it comes to fishing expeditions it’s not eBay. If you wanna highest bidder put it on eBay you’re not...
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    🤘 cheap Bastid thread

    a cheap Bastid would know you can replace the individual bad cells for $100 a piece...
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    Camp chef big gas grill

    @BudKing you can see it in the bottom of the picture but the grease catch can is worth getting. I’ve had this stove and griddle for 3 years or so and just Finally bought it. A lot easier to keep things clean. I used bailing wire and a beer can forever cause I was cheap :bang:
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    Camp chef big gas grill

    Eggs Cooked in bacon grease is wonderful though!
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