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    Anybody have the thread diameter handy for an OEM tie rod end?

    Those could be GM 1 Ton tie rods which have a 7/8 taper.
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    PeterTheBeater's Adventures and Build Log

    Mendocino hunting trip and semi restored-budget roof rack 184k
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    Wanted Roof Rack Gutter Mounts

    Will do, how much did they run if you don’t mind me asking? I can get smittybilt 8 pc for 190$
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    Wanted  Roof Rack Gutter Mounts

    Looking for a roof rack gutter mount style feet for my Con Ferr. Thanks!
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    AC Vacuum sucks out the oil?

    Yes, my charge was on the light side but I stopped adding refrigerant because my high pressure side was at 230-240 and I didn’t want to push it. I’ve used this chart. I’m not familiar with discharging into high side first or what the purpose of that is. I do not have temp gauge but I can lick...
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    AC Vacuum sucks out the oil?

    I did not measure oil in the new compressor because I did not want to contaminate it, and I didn’t anything to measure it with. Drier was replaced with new denso unit. Used new manifold gauges and new vacuum pump with new oil. I refilled it with “pure” refrigerant - about 25-26oz At most. I...
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    AC Vacuum sucks out the oil?

    I vacuumed the system with a harbor freight vacuum, I didn’t really see much oily mist come out of the vent. I should mention that if I’m at idle in drive, and the AC compressor comes on, my rpm does dip about 200rpm for few seconds. I feel like it shouldn’t be that much. Is there a way to...
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    AC Vacuum sucks out the oil?

    Replaced my AC compressor few weeks ago due to a clutch going bad. I replaced it with a new Denso unit which come prefilled with oil. I vacuumed the system for about 30 minutes and then refilled with pure refrigerant. Can’t recall the exact amount but a bit more than two 12oz cans. I followed...
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    For Sale FJZ80 Headlights

    Still available. If you want to calculate shipping the box dimension is 12W-20L-14H and weight is 13lbs. Shipping from Rescue, CA 95672
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    For Sale FJZ80 Headlights

    18$ UPS ground
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