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    Wanted  Fj80 front bumper

    Looking for an FJ80 front bumper, new or used. Needs to have a winch plate or space for one. Hoops are a plus. Let me know what you have, thanks.
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    Best oil for fzj80 97 in Australia

    Organic oil! All these bad additives and over manufacturing is bad, and has a bad impact on the environment. That’s why I’ve been using organic food-grade triglyceride oils! If you wouldn’t eat it, don’t put it in your car!
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    WTH: ARB 24v compressor control harness is dangerous. (easy fix however)

    The “negative” wire actually would have 0V (it’s counter intuitive) . It’s all about what’s being referenced. Looks like they are using for references on the switches because they are rated for 12V(that would be my guess). Either way it can’t hurt to put a fuse on it, the diagram for ARB harness...
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    WTH: ARB 24v compressor control harness is dangerous. (easy fix however)

    I don’t have that harness but if you have two 12V batteries in series they could be using that “ground wire” as a reference. Putting a fuse on that is the same as putting a fuse on the + leg. DC systems don’t have grounds per say.
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    For Sale Sacramento Ca 80 series frame and frame cuts

    Do you have an 80 body as well? I’m looking for passenger rear upper quarter panel.
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    Solid Axle Summit #4 Official Thread 2020

    On the waitlist as well, this sound like a great time and opportunity to meet the Mud community
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    Builds A Sinister Cruiser - 1996 3x Locked FZJ80 Build

    Clean rig, I haven’t seen your around in Sac yet. There needs to be a Sacramento Landcruiser club or something haha
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    Cool wiring components

    Deutsch 4-pin 14-16AWG Flange Connector Kit Crimp Style Contacts This style is rated up to 13 amps, the lights don’t take much amperage. Watts/12-14V and you’ll get ur running amps.
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    Cool wiring components

    Deutsch connectors are pretty cool but cost a pretty penny. I’ve used 2 flange connectors to for wire pass thru on my roof rack and firewall.
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    PeterTheBeater's Adventures and Build Log

    My dual battery set up, 31 one fits but damn it’s tight in there and I had to trim to bottom left corner. Combined with blue sea ACR (which isn’t wired in to the switch yes but is functional. Overall I’m pretty satisfied with how it came out . :banana: I In the future I am going to replace the...
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    PeterTheBeater's Adventures and Build Log

    That is the thread I followed, plus improvised when I didn’t have access to what I needed. I’ve ordered most of the parts from McMasterCarr. I did not make an elaborate mounting plate, but I’ve just used two 3/8 bolts and nut serts. If you have any specific questions you could DM me and I can...
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    PeterTheBeater's Adventures and Build Log

    I’ve replaced the filter probably 3 times now, my rig sits at 190k. The first filter I’ve cut open but i lost the pictures. It did have a significant amount of white/yellow mush and some black grainy bits. Overall I would say I’m happy that I’ve installed it.
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    Name this part - LOL

    Definitely looks more like a WTF to me
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    Wanted Passenger side battery box 91-92FJ80

    thank you but I’m looking for a used box to save some $
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