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    For Sale 2008 LC

    Hey there everyone, it's mine. Don't be talking about her like that, lol! I'm just checking out the market temp. I just sold my M5 and am considering all options for next purchase. I appreciate the comments, but telling someone to stay away from this rig is silly, especially if you're...
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    Name That Noise! Humming Vibration Noise After Service

    I just had a service done for oil, spark plugs, fuel system, diff fluids. Everything was fine going into service. When I got the vehicle back, I noticed this noise when at idle in gear. Does it in reverse or drive, but not neutral or park. It's louder on the passenger side. Any ideas...
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    Spark Plugs with Oil

    2008 LC. So I'm just over 100k in miles and took to the shop for routine maintenance. Oil change, differential fluids changed, fuel system cleaning, spark plugs replaced. When they pulled the plugs they told me that the plugs had oil on the threads, especially 1 and 8. He showed me the plugs...
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    Radiator Replacement

    This is beautiful, thank you so much! I was thinking, surely I don’t have to take the bumper off. So I thought I had missed something. Looks like bumper has to come off. A little surprised by that, but now I know! Thanks again!!
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    Radiator Replacement

    I’ve looked around for a repair manual and could not find. Mine had the too common radiator hairline crack on the top plastic this past week. Ordered a new radiator and tried to replace it today. Could not get to the bottom bolt on the passenger side. I went in guns a blazin’, but the LC...
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    Hi there, new to the forum. Picked up this Amazon Green Metallic, grey interior LC recently. Solid ride!
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