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    Difficulty shifting

    I think its just the shift lever seat. 5 $ plastic seat, seems like it just snaps in....
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    Need help putting Humpty Dumpty back together again - Denver/Boulder area

    that cover piece looks like a EGR cover in the block opening? I've never seen that piece before on a 60...
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    Radio Install turned into leather dash

    we use this stuff in the outdoor and boating industry, it helps stainproof too. i have poor luck with the sprayer head from them tho.. 303 UV Protectant Spray - Ultimate UV Protection - Helps Prevent Fading And Cracking - Repels Dust, Lint, and Staining
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    Intro - My journey with an FJ60 just started

    Read the FAQ here first, so you see what probs are on the 60s. (70 and pickup have good info too) Check your roof drain channels and windshield rubber for ANY rust or cracks before you even think about paint. Find a good (older) mech in your area, and have him do the Oil Galley Plug Fixes...
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    HJ60 Voltage Regulator and Parasitic Drain

    someone else on this site just had a gremlin, found a relay on the kick panel that had rotted from water leaking down from windscreen pillar
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    1985 Ignition troubleshooting

    Try the coil ground. The hold down cage loses contact with body, and secondary can't collapse to fire. Clean under the bolts, put a new wire from the igniter case to the wheelwell or the block, and it should fire fine.
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    275 70 18 inexpensive tire with experiences. ???

    I've used Treadwright for last 10 years, since before they moved down to Texas. Have had 2 that balanced badly, and 2 delam (one last month), prob a dozen total carcasses. I like the Good AT's because sidewall is stiff enuf not to roll on high speed corners. I always used to request them for...
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    Asymmetry And the Effects of Tire Pressure Optimization

    on bike tires, but interesting "'How low are you willing to go?' The risks here are highly asymmetric, 3psi too high, and you may not be as fast as your rival, yet 1psi too low and you may be standing on the side of the...
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    FJ62 Suddenly Died and Won't Restart.

    Does the 62 have the same cluster of wires connector behind the speedo that the 60 does? If still having an issue, try connecting with @OSS about a big post on it that he did.
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    22re gas smell

    Be careful with that. If its the Fuel Pulsation Dampner, with the little screw under the plastic cap, on the fuel rail oppisite the FPR, it can leak. On the 4Runners, it drips onto the exhaust and causes fires. If its leaking or the screw is out, replace it. not user serviceable, screw is set...
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    Another FJ62 Rough Idle Thread

    PS. if it is that, on a 4runner, it takes a crows foot wrench adaptor for a socket to remove it.....
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    Another FJ62 Rough Idle Thread

    does that have the FPR and the fuel bumper (dampner damn it) with the screw in it on the fuel rail? If its like the 4runner, pop the plastic cap and see if a screw falls out. The screw is factory set, if it fails, replace. if it leaks, don't drive it. It has caused most fires in 4runners...
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    OIl pan or rear main?

    found this while searching on stuck oil pans so will drop this here. ToyoNation "What worked was taking a carving knife(thinner than the putty knife), putting it through the opening I made with the putty knife, then tapping it sideways with a small hammer, moving the knife's edge around the...
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    fj60 no power above 2500rpm

    Also check the grommet on the vac hose going into brake booster, they rot quickly. Do you have the weird valve on the looping hose down by the charcoal canister like the 60? Does your gas tank whoosh when you open the cap after driving?
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    Stick FJ60 dies pulling uphill (sometimes)

    The rebuild is usally what gets the chunks in there....always flush it thru those screws after the float fills up, and before you fire it up the first time...and it REALLY wants a crush washer there. When it is idling, take that piece of hose, attach it to the top of the EGR valve, n suck on...
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