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    Wanted For how much can I get lx470 front bumper?

    Not really. Most owners here ditch the OEM bumper for an aftermarket one and there's not really any demand for them. I'd be weary of someone trying to get $500 for one 😕 I'm sure there are a ton for around $100 in the for sale forums. Ah... I didn't realize there was damage into the sheet...
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    Wanted For how much can I get lx470 front bumper?

    You can probably get one for free. I installed my ARB at my parents' house over the holiday break, left my oem bumper there and it was picked up by someone in need within a few days. Check the local parts classifieds, I'd be almost positive there's a guy giving a bumper away in there. I think...
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    For Sale Misc 100 series parts- wheels, mats, books, running boards, etc

    AHC globes and 18" LX470 wheels have been sold. All other parts still available. Feel free to ask for additional pictures.
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    Pros and cons to oversize tires

    Lemme get those 4.88s from you. I'll straight swap you my yellow box 🤣
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    Pros and cons to oversize tires

    You can correct the speedometer with a Yellow Box module for about $120 and 20 minutes. This will also remedy a few other problems listed. The only real 'pros' for bigger tires are better clearance/traction off road, and aesthetics. Everything else is objectively a con. Maybe there's something...
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    ASFIR Skid plates and front bumper

    Check the link in post #4. Tons of details in there about it.
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    LX470 HID Retrofit Project

    Holy cow, very nice. I've got a set of Lou's brackets and have been talking to both he and Nick @ TRS about this same hardware set up to replace my TSX set up. I'd been wondering if there would be a way to mount the projector further back to avoid opening the shroud more. To clarify, did you...
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    The MUD 100 series Photos thread

    What's the name of that color? Looks great in the snow.
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    For Sale 100 Series LX470 Land Cruiser 18" Split 5-spoke wheels/tires

    Not really interested in shipping them unless you're willing to pay the $400 plus the shipping fees and whatever is costs me to dismount and dispose of the tires.
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    New LX470 owner

    Welcome! Nice score on the rig. I'm a little embarrassed to say that despite everything I've built my truck with, I still need to replace one seat heater switch bulb as well! You're getting a leg up on the nitty gritty stuff I've neglected. What are your plans for it? You could always tell...
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    The Tale of Two Cruisers...

    And? Would you like a trophy? It's clear you're unwanted. Why don't you contribute to the forum? Start by sharing your amazing Bluetooth solution. Support the site by paying for your membership or supporting our vendors. Show us what you've managed to come up with on your own to help others...
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    The Tale of Two Cruisers...

    I'd not seen a mud member as universally hated as this guy until now, ha! The best thing about his drivel is it got me to look at this thread that I'd missed out on! What a cool adventure. The keeper looks great! Now make sure you keep'er!
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    For Sale Virginia Beach: 2004 LX470, 277K, Clean belly, $8k

    Helping a buddy sell his truck up in VA. He's not on mud and won't list it locally because he's trying to avoid selling to one particular friend. Long story. Anyway the truck is clean. Galactic gray exterior, tan guts. Needs timing belt. Everything works. He did mention AHC globes could be...
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    What's your investment into your UZJ100?

    That's very apparent. You've been talking s*** to everyone who does more than drive an appliance since you got here. And obviously irritating many others in the process. Glad the people here are willing to help answer your 'owning a car 101' questions despite your persistence in demeaning the...
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