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    Intro to an Aug ‘73 Original Owner FJ40

    Nope, just ugly vinyl on-top of ripped factory black/grey covers.
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    Intro to an Aug ‘73 Original Owner FJ40

    Sorry, separate Fan Switches (Front and Rear) only on 73 models. Those original white seat covers are trashed, have the Cruiser Corps corral seats now. :cool:
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    73' for me

    Welcome! Gotta love the 73's! Enjoy the process!!
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    Intro to an Aug ‘73 Original Owner FJ40

    Congrats! Awesome story to go with it. Lot's of 73's popping up on the board recently. You'll find there's a bunch of 1 year only equipment (back-up lamp, front and rear heater switches, headlight switch) plus it started the transition to bucket seats, early 73's didn't have the roll-bar, not...
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    Project Old Blue - 1973

    @cims1970fj40 ,very nice 40! What paint code did you end up using? Best of luck with the drain tubes, the drivers side was a pain!
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    the phoenix my 70 fj40 rebuild

    Should be the brake sensors on the bottom of the brake master cylinder.
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    Project Old Blue - 1973

    Guess I haven’t posted in awhile. Not much going on, other than picking up a nice floor mat from @Irish11. Little offset from the 4spd cutout, but very cool. Need to get back to working Old Blue, get the brakes sorted this winter, hopefully...
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    ‘75 gas tank in a 1/‘73?

    On my 10/72, I used the CCOT replacement metal tank. Blocked off the red arrow (return) hooked up supply to blue arrow. My gas tank straps were a little short, had to use 1” rubber bumpers to strap to the floor ( didn’t have original bolts).
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    Wanted 3-speed shift boot retainer ring for a 1973 FJ40

    Unless you have the later 4 SPD tunnel, you’ll need to probably use some rivnuts to secure it.
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    Wanted 3-speed shift boot retainer ring for a 1973 FJ40

    There is no retainer ring. The boot slips around the tunnel very poorly.
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    FJ40 advice needed

    I’m in Spokane with 2 other 40’s within 1/4 mile of me. While there is a healthy number of 40’s in the area, the “club” never seems to get organized. I’d be happy to help point you in the right direction if you come up this way.
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    Driver seat mount help

    Loosen the side seat rails from the bottom cushion, mine were pinched inward not allowing lineup with the mounts. Disregard: you’re trying to flip it.
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    Towing an FJ40 on a U-haul trailer.

    An FJ40 will fit just fine. I purchased these straps on Amazon. Running 33’s, and just used the U-haul ratchets. Yea it’s an extra $55, but I have them for next time I need to transport. US Cargo Control Extra Large Tow Dolly Basket Strap - Car Dolly Strap with Flat Hook End Fittings - for...
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    78 bucket seat bolt size for seat rails to seat

    Front should be M10, rear should be seat belt SAE thread, 7/16 if I remember correctly.
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