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    New F & 2F carbs

    Right on thanks for information!
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    New F & 2F carbs

    Just curious; Why are you running a Ford Motorcaft filter?
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    88 FJ62 body on 86 FJ60 frame?

    Thanks for all the previous post on this thread as I have found it useful staring point in my project. I have an 84 FJ60 with the typical rusty inner C-channels and rear cross-member. I have been working to remediate rust via the replacement inner C-channels from Trail Tailor. In a strange...
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    Wanted Used OME 60 series lift springs for a good price?

    I have an 87 parts FJ60 with OME kit currently installed. I am located in Alexandria near Fort Belvoir. Let me know if you are interested and send some pictures.
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    CruiserParts 1986 HJ60 Land Cruiser

    How much for engine and transmission? Do you have any videos of startup/idle?
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    For Sale Howell EFI 2F

    How much for Howell kit with headers? Do you have any guess on what shipping would be to 22309?
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    Rebuilding Knuckles: Anything else while I'm down there?

    It appears you have a creative way of supporting your LC. Do you have any pictures showing how you are supporting your LC?
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    60 Reproduction Rear Crossmember

    I also need to purchase one of these. Do you have plans for production run on the rear crossmember for FJ60?
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    60 Reproduction Rear Crossmember

    Looks like a good reason to battle some rivets. That section is complete toast on my FJ60. What is the price point out your door with shipping to VA 22309?
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    60 series Apron Seals/Covers with Clips

    Hey Jason I need a set for my FJ60.
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    Official For Sale/Trade/WTB/Free Thread

    Not sure but I have complete axles and looking into installing lockersI have the rear axle out for frame repair and OME install. Plan was to simply perform axle maintenance but who can resist upgrades right.
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    For Sale (5) New 36x12.50 R15 TSL/SX Swampers-Tulsa, OK

    What size and these available?
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    For Sale NLA

    Greetings, I am interested in purchasing tires but would need them to be shipped to me. I live in Alexandria VA 22309. Do you have a weight per tire so I can get a quote? Thanks
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    For Sale DFW Four General Grabber Red Letter 31x10.50

    Where are located?
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    Parting Out 2x 84 fj60 N Fla

    I would to call second on the left & right rear quarter panelS. I need from the back bumper up to and around wheel well, the dogleg piece going inside the door would also be great. Let me know how much for these two pieces. Thanks
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