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    New to me 2013 LX 570!

    Hey- sorry for delay haven’t been on mud in a while. It’s just stock with the center portion painted black :)
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    A different type of build..

    Amazing build. What is the Instagram account associated with this build or owner? Also do you know the shop who perform the work?
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    Missed Connections (?)

    I’m in OP. Not many here either
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    Missed Connections (?)

    Cool thread, could be a sticky
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    Disabling the AHC and AVS systems, no warning lights.

    Interesting thought re: lowering the vehicle. Could this be done via tech stream without physically adjusting the sensors? That may be a good place to start. This wouldn’t lead me to riding on or near the bump stops however, would it?
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    Why Shouldn’t I stick with OEM/Cheap wheels?

    What’s the largest tire you can mount on 20” OEM wheels without wheel spacers?
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    Totaled my 200, I need some advice...

    Can anyone ID the model and size of the wheels?
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    TN LX570 Build Thread & De-soccer Moming

    Did you wire a switch to override AHC without having to manually pull the plug? Congrats on the clean Bill of health!
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    Totaled my 200, I need some advice...

    Which wheels/tires did you get? Do you mind posting a couple photos?
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    Tire Pressure recommendation

    Hey Gaijin, What is the max pressure I can run on 285/50/20 Michelin defender LTX ms2 tires? Not looking for the ideal pressure, but rather the maximum pressure I can safely run to optimize fuel economy as well as firming up the ride to be a bit more sporty.
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    12-15 LX570 vs 16+ LX570

    What did you end up with?
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    Santa knows me

    Nice! I’m in OP but venture to Olathe for bonito Michocan tacos from time to time.
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    Santa knows me

    are you in KC as well? I don’t know that I’ve seen your rig around town
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    Disabling the AHC and AVS systems, no warning lights.

    Bloc, thank you for the well thought out and informative reply. I'm grasping at straws here before I trade in the vehicle on something else. I am a huge advocate of these rigs (I've had 4 including one 100-series and three 200-series, so I know the merits... but I am sensitive to the roll when...
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    Disabling the AHC and AVS systems, no warning lights.

    Can I add a stiffer sway bar and retain AHC if I want to eliminate sway/roll? I don't mind if this compromises articulation as I don't rock crawl. How about stiffer springs?
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