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    200 series picture thread

    Rain finally stopped in the South for a thorough cleanup.
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    What have you done to your 200 Series this week?

    That’s what the shop told me. I’ll inspect the belt tomorrow. Kinda scratching my head on that one also.... I will say that when I pulled up previous service records, previous owner reported squeaking in engine bay and was remedied by belt dressing. That was at 59k.
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    What have you done to your 200 Series this week?

    Had serpentine belt replaced. Original dried out. Recently purchased 2015 LX @ 63k miles. Dealer was kind enough to pay the tab. Picking her up tomorrow.
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    Center console storage tray

    My first mod!
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    Official LX570s Picture Thread

    2015, got her about a month ago. Replaced a 2006 LX470. 100% stock for now.
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    Bluetooth Question

    2015 LX570. I have my iPhone bluetooth'd to the car. Why can't I hear Waze through the speakers when on SAT? However, I can on BT...
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    Rain Sensing Wipers.....

    Chris, I just noticed the sensor separated from the windshield and all I did was adjust it. I hope real life conditions mirror my spray bottle test. If so, I'm happy.
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    Rain Sensing Wipers.....

    Reviving old thread: Since I just purchased my 2015 570, I have noticed the non-responsive rain sensing wipers. A quick search led me to this thread and the reference DYI on disabling the sensor. As I opened the sensor cover I noticed the sensor itself wasn't making good contact with the...
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    Newb question: Auto High Beam

    Good to hear. My anxiety and blood pressure is now stable. Thanks guys!
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    Newb question: Auto High Beam

    The manual contains the instructions, less pushing the Auto HB Function, but I still can't activate the feature.
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    Newb question: Auto High Beam

    Yeah, about that. Here's my left lower dash: See it anywhere?
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    Newb question: Auto High Beam

    Thanks,all. But are you all getting the Auto High Beam indicator on your display?
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    Newb question: Auto High Beam

    Recently purchased 2015 LX570. Can't seem to activate auto high beam feature. Manual is pretty explanatory. The Auto High Beam indicator doesn't seem to illuminate when pushing lever. Thanks in advance for your help.
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    New Guy Checking In

    Finally concluded my search for a proper 200. After being in a 06 LX470 and going through a nasty repair process (cats, ECU, etc), I sold it after 6 months of unsatisfactory ownership. I set my eyes on a 200 series -- Land Cruiser or LX570 --. My dealer buddy bought a Manheim auction 2013...
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    What have you done to your 100 Series this week?

    Almost done with baselining my 470. Fixed CEL and VSC lights. Ended up replacing O2 sensor because of grease build up.
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