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    CSC Christmas Party attendance list

    me plus 1
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    November ROTM 2018 - Dripping Springs 12/01/2018

    I'm curious how you got Tonto out of that description since I mention I live in Chandler and suggested we meet in
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    November ROTM 2018 - Dripping Springs 12/01/2018

    Hey Everyone, My sincerest apologies for the delay in posting this! I'm trying to avoid anything near Turkey Day, and elevation for snowy conditions, but the stage is set for November 31st (Dec 1). I've been wanting to do Dripping Springs, I missed it last year so we'll give it a go. For the...
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    North Rim/Jacob Lake July Trip

    I'll be in for Friday night to Sunday....if someone can post or text me some coordinates,
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    Happy Canada day and 4th of July

    Ha sorry just saw this, thanks for the shout-out :D
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    North Rim/Jacob Lake July Trip

    I will know by Friday if I'm joining in on the trek, if I do I'll plan on leaving Thursday evening as well.
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    Looking for a dinky Trailer

    I have an M101A3, shaved a lot of weight off of it, most of the weight is in the Lunette 200 lbs, and each tire is 220 lbs. It tracks the same width as my 4Runner and the extra storage is great. I've also found an adapter online to go from chevy 8 bolt to toyota 6, so it's not a terrible way to...
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    Trasharoo Group Buy

    I shall swing by your house on Sunday if that is ok, I'll text your lady friend, Ha
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    North Rim/Jacob Lake July Trip

    I may be exploring South Africa this particular weekend but if those travel plans change I'm definitely in!
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    Overland Expo 2016

    I will be there Fri-Sun doing the overland experience, hopefully in the new which I still need to make a build thread, maybe i'll find some time next week in Salt Lake City while I'm drinking beer at my cabin.
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    Cruise Moab 2016 - CSC representation?

    I'll be there, I won't be "representing" anything as I'll likely be in a state of consistent intoxication the entire weekend, we'll be staying at Moab Valley RV...we've upgraded from Slick Rock for this year Ha
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    Looking for 2001 through 2004 Tacoma, 4 door 4x4.

    I know what a cv axle is, perhaps it was a one off or perhaps it was "exclusive to Utah" who knows but it was a 2002 - 4 door prerunner, rant over ;)
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    Looking for 2001 through 2004 Tacoma, 4 door 4x4.

    It's easy to add the bits to a 2wd to make it 4wd, hell the 2wd model already comes with front CV axles. Had a buddy in SLC that did the conversion, he got the parts from a junk yard, did the entire swap for $1200, it may be a bit more expensive in this case but the cost delta of 2wd versus 4wd...
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    April ROTM - Montana Mountain

    I need to bail out of this trip, sorry guys next time!
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    Trasharoo Group Buy

    I'm in for a Tan with CSC Logo :D
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