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    Yellowish Adhesive on Door Panels?

    Anyone familiar with this adhesive product used on the door panels? Any thoughts on how to safely remove?
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    Minor Rust on Painted Surfaces

    Any experience/suggestions for treating painted areas with minor rust like these spots under the grill?
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    Salvage Rusted Rear

    Any thoughts or suggestions for salvaging this? Or is this beyond functional repair? Help greatly appreciated!!!!
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    Rear Chassis Restoration

    Hey folks! I finally got the rear bumper off after a long battle with one rusty bolt. This is what I have.... see pictures. Any recommendations for moving forward from previous experience? Also, any idea if this part that seems like a "buffer" behind the bumper should just be replaced?
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    Recoverable Running Board Brackets

    I'll check it out!! Any sort of filler or bonding material you'd slide in those cracks? Thank you!!
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    Recoverable Running Board Brackets

    Yeah, I'm doing that to her belly today and tomorrow. :confused: I'll def brush, sand, and coat them. Would you put any sort of bonding/filler material where the metal has separated? Thank you for replying!! Edit: sorry, new to this... :bang: @99Cruiser
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    Recoverable Running Board Brackets

    I just took over a 2000 Land Cruiser that I’m cleaning up. It spent 10 years in the Northeast, and the underbody was not protected from the elements. I removed the running boards and curious if some of the brackets are restorable. Any advice/tips would be greatly appreciated! Here are pics of...
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