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    Braking heat (hot wheel) after long downhills...caliper, lines, pads, rotors replaced...ideas?

    Do you have a lift? The LSPV valve may need to be adjusted. A lift changes the geometry slightly and it could be causing more load to be sent to the front brakes. A long decline could even be exacerbating the issue. Just grabbing straws, but if you’ve tried everything else, it’s worth a look.
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    Builds Stepping into the 45 Club - My FZJ45 Resto-Mod

    That’s an idea too, but I don’t have your fan skills 😂👍🏼
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    Builds Stepping into the 45 Club - My FZJ45 Resto-Mod

    Mall crawler. You’re right on both accounts of course. I guess me logic is... if you’re gonna build it, you might as well overbuild it. You can’t blame me for that Matt, I didn’t really adopt that mindset until I spent an afternoon with you in your garage! 🤣
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    A journey with my boys- The Elf Barn as I call it.

    I’m moving in! Do you have HBO? If not, I’ll go halfsies 👍🏼
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    Builds Stepping into the 45 Club - My FZJ45 Resto-Mod

    Speaking of waiting.... I’m super excited to get my new bed from Colombia. We are getting closer and closer to filling up a container full of parts to ship to the states. The countdown is on, and this is motivating me to turn this frame into a roller as quickly as possible. Oh... I’m...
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    Builds Stepping into the 45 Club - My FZJ45 Resto-Mod

    It’s been slow progress. But I’ve got a few updates. The frame is in my garage now. I’ve mounted the cowl section in preparation for mocking up the motor mounts. I plan on hacking the mounts off a donor 80 frame and welding them into the 45 frame. This frame had a SBC in its past life, so I’ll...
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    Builds Stepping into the 45 Club - My FZJ45 Resto-Mod

    Haven’t updated in a while, but you’ll be happy to know that I am now leaning towards the H151 👍🏼
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    For Sale 15601-68010 oil filters 2H-12HT

    You guys change your oil?
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    This thread has been great to read. I think Mike has one of those crusty no nonsense attitudes that just doesn’t translate well on the internet. In real life, I bet we’d all love hanging out and having a beer and listening to him bitch about the world and tell stories to us. I know Roma...
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    For Sale Rust free 1988 FJ62 project- Dallas

    Interested too. Next in line
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    Front Axle Knuckle Service

    He meant to say FSM or factory service manual. I doubt you need to replace your knuckles. We are still servicing knuckles from the 70’s and 80’s without issues. Just order the rebuild kit from Cruiser Outfitters, and pick up some new wheel bearings while you’re at it.
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    For Sale 8/85 produced Original Paint FJ60 (CO/TX)

    Great deal on this truck, considering it’s already had 10-12k dollars of preventative maintenance done already. Should go quick. Good luck with the sale Jimmy! 👍🏼
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    Head gasket replacement?

    Couldn’t have said it better myself. It also helps to have a good compressor if you’re using air tools. This one really sucks the gas.
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    Head gasket replacement?

    I’m sure you could get carried away and burn up aluminum, but it’s really not as difficult as you’re imagining. Literally takes a few seconds and a light touch to clean gasket grime off. You’re not on any one spot long enough to damage anything. I actually picked up this tip at @zacksters...
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    Head gasket replacement?

    Nope... it’s plastic, doesn’t harm the metal. It’s even safe for the aluminum. Super easy to use. You’ll never use a gasket scraper again. You basically just use the same motions you would when buffing you’re car... just on a smaller scale.
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