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    For Sale Bozeman, MT. weatherstrip for windshield wiper motor cover

    I’ll take the one with 8.5 center if it is still available.
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    For Sale  OEM tie rod end FJ40

    SOLD OEM Toyota TRE 1963-84. From what I understand these are discontinued, but when I ordered a new tie rod and relay rod from the dealership there was an end stuck in each rod. I don’t need the connecting end because my rig is RHD. How about $20 shipped. I don’t need it, feel free to make an...
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    For Sale/Wanted To Buy

    Is anyone interested in my old Roof racks/ surf racks? They’re made with marks off-road mounts. Not in perfect condition but solid. I’m thinking about just selling the mounts on the general forum, but thought I’d see if anyone local wants them whole. I’m not sure if these are a direct fit on a...
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    1976 axle swap under a 1971?

    Yes the pinion flange is where the drive shaft bolts to. But it’s easy to swap pinion flanges (and replace the oil seal while you’re at it). If you were to use the 62 parts you would need to do a bit more work (steering arms are different and require modifying tie rods) and recenter your...
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    A shop that can install 4.56 gears in the FJ in Beaufort area

    There are some decent shops for basic stuff, but none that I’d really recommend. Good luck. Sorry I typed this a few days ago but seems I didn’t post it.
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    First Post - Help validate thinking on a disk brake upgrade

    Also you may want to consider that you might need to replace your single diaphragm brake booster with a dual diaphragm one. I did after swapping to disc brakes. Initially they were even harder and worse than with the drum brakes until I swapped boosters.
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    FJ55 Windshield Washer

    I had to replace my switch to get mine to work. They're still available. You can reach it from under the dash. Sorry just realized this is for a fj55. Not sure about availability or accessibility.
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    What do you get with a membership?

    I never got any membership stuff either. But I didn't ever sign up online, which Erik wanted me to do.
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    For Sale FJ40 OEM AC unit

    Was it pulled from a RHD or LHD? Also 12 or 24 volt?
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    For Sale Brake booster [SC]

    Sorry I should have specified. It's for a 70-75 fj40. This should work for anyone with a single diaphragm booster.
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    For Sale  Brake booster [SC]

    I swapped to a dual diaphragm booster with disc brakes, so I no longer need this one. It's a remanufactured one which I ran it for a few years, and it worked fine when pulled. The check valve was new also. I payed over $300 for it a few years ago, how about $125 plus shipping. For 1970-75 fj40.
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    Wanted WARN Front Hubs

    I believe all fine spline axles fit 1975-90. It doesn't matter if you have long or short birfields. Part/model #28771
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    For Sale/Wanted To Buy

    No luck on that, but I've got a rear axle from a 40 that needs a home. Differential flange snapped off. Axles are maybe ok and the brake parts look like scrap. Basically just a housing. If anyone wants it let me know.
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    Correct Torque Spec for the Side Cover on a 79 2F Engine

    FSM doesn't specify as far as I know, but contains the standard torque specs. Here's some pics.
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    Wanted OEM fj40 brake proportioning valve

    Thanks Mark. I'm thinking about what else I need to make the minimum order. But still open if anyone else has one to sell.
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