A shop that can install 4.56 gears in the FJ in Beaufort area

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Jul 31, 2008
Iwakuni Japan
Anyone know of a shop that can re-gear my 2007 FJ cruiser? I have some new gears showing up and need to find a shop, closer is better, to Beaufort so I can get the truck in and upgraded.

Are you back from Japan...Man its been a long time, Pat.
Not sure of any shops around
Beaufort, but I'll do some checking.
Yeah I am back. Did three years in El Paso TX and then got put right back in Beaufort, different base same city.
Check out Brock's automotive, they seem to do most things and have good reviews
There are some decent shops for basic stuff, but none that I’d really recommend. Good luck.

Sorry I typed this a few days ago but seems I didn’t post it.
Not a lot of shops do that kind of work, maybe try 4wheel parts or Lowcountry 4x4
I sent Lowcountry 4x4 an email inquiry from their website, but haven't heard anything back. I have been talking to Palmetto 4x4 in Hollywood SC it's the closest I have found just waiting a quote on the labor.

Xtreme Off-road makes it seem so easy, 3 or 4 30 minutes shows and viola.
It's really not that hard, just takes time and a little know how on which way the gears need to move to change the pattern
I'm sure they work on mostly Jeeps......and Chevy trucks

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