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Hi All:

The 40 Series FF axle will be the correct width for a 55 Series.

I believe that one can install disc brakes onto a rear Toyota FF axle using the standard disc brake parts intended for the front axle.

I don't believe that Tacoma wheels will fit (without spacers) on either 40 or 80 Series axles.



Looking at going full float in my new FJ55 and I think I've narrowed it down between these two choices. Not being considered are the D60 and 14 bolt. I know they are options that are out there.

With the FJ40 full float, I note the following:

  1. $450 from SOR with no brakes and probably needing a full rebuild
  2. I've heard issues with leaking
  3. Brackets for disc brakes are different than standard semi float. SOR sells kit... downey sells brackets for about $150.
  4. Not clear how much are special items and how much are go into the local Napa autostore for parts
  5. Still need to figure out mechanical ebrake. $200ish for El Dorado calipers.
With the FJ80 full float, I note the following:

  1. Comes with rear disc brakes AND parking brake:cool:
  2. Too wide. Need to chop about 7" off. I have a guy who will do that for $100 a side. Does not include axle shafts. Is it possible to just pull 7" off the short side?:confused:
  3. Potential of having electric locker in it:grinpimp:
  4. Potential of not needing to be rebuild given it is only 10-15 years old:rolleyes:
  5. Needs to have all the brackets cut off and spring perches and sway bar mounts put on:wrench:
So, what am I missing here?

Are there any super weak links on the 80 axle I should worry about? Will Tacoma "3 spoke" wheels fit with no mods?

What about the FJ40 full float? Any big issues?

Any opinions one way or the other?

Did a search... found lots of good info. Just not enough to pick one over the other.
I have your ticket. I have the 70 series full float out of my truck that I replaced with a 70 series disk unit. Not only have the perches been narrowed for your 40 series, but it also comes with a locker ready axle shaft, which means you can drop a 80 series e-locker right in without mods. 70 series axles are just a bit wider, like 1.5" than 40 series, so they are a perfect fit. PM me for details.
I have a 40 FF and a 60 FF 2" wider than a 40, you can have either for $400 as is with self adjusting E-Brakes included.

Bearing kits can be supplied too. $50 each.

With or without 4.11 diff extra with $100 have 7 or 8 of them laying around.

Shipped to NJ from Oz arriving end of June. Shipping from NJ at your expense.

I run a 60 rear in My FJ40 cuts down on rear quarter damage having the tiers out the an extra 1" each side.



Oh and the bronze BJ40 is for sale too, come to that so is the BJ42 in white behind it :grinpimp:

Just dug this out, 60 series FF with 35x12.5x15 only stick out this much.

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Hi All:

Hey Matt, what back spacing are you running on the wheels with the 35x12.5x15?

Oh, and how much for the white BJ42? Is it a "LX?"




Oh and the bronze BJ40 is for sale too, come to that so is the BJ42 in white behind it :grinpimp:

Just dug this out, 60 series FF with 35x12.5x15 only stick out this much.

Back spacing is 30mm if my memory serves me well, just re drilled spring purches and cut the gaurds.

Mark I Truck arches not quite as well done as Mk II but pic shows the spacing well.




30mm center to center.

Oh and yes an LX and no rust:D pm me.
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FZJ80's are nice, but alot of work to use in a 55. lots of brackets to cut off, and you should rebuild them. Mileage is a killer, and both FZJ80 FF rears I saw were in worse shape than either FJ40 FF I have. There are 2 versions of FJ40/55 FF rears. If youve looked at the latest in my thread, or dirttrak's FF disc conversion you are seeing the early style, where you use a cut up knuckle to do the conversion. later ones are more like FJ60 rear axles, in the fact that the drum backing plate uses 4 bolts. TSM and others sell kits for those.
I am running 80s under my 40
7" wider and a lot stronger.
DSC00306 (2).jpg
DSC00307 (2).jpg
I have a semi float rear though.
I think semi float axles for 80s were only made for 2 years.
mine are off of a 1991
Drum brakes on rear also.
Looking at going full float in my new FJ55.....


What are you really looking to gain by going to a full-float rear axle assembly?

What is your intended use for this vehicle?
It really all boils down to the same answer you'd get if you said why to a guy with a 5000W car stereo....

This clears many things up, thanks.
6.0L Vortec to NV4500 to NP203 to LC tcase.

John, dude, why are building such a monstrocity of a drivetrain & thinkin LC axles will be just fine..... oh yeah, w/ 31" tires so that'll be less stress? :lol: You should've figured out why you never sold that LC 3 spd. to TH400 adaptor - nobody would do that & expect the rest of a stock LC drivetrain to handle the torque output of a TH400. Not raggin on ya, but don't think you're gonna stay w/ 31's - who wants to?
I know you don't wanna hear this but:
:idea: Why don't you cut down a 35 spline D60 on the pass side, get a Moser shaft, Ebay for 6 lug D60FF hubs/ Detroit/ disk brake kit. That way you're not maxed out w/ the 30 spline LC stuff ;p
My opinion on wanting a locker is nice option, especially when you get one wheel of each axle in the air. This scenario can easily happen on a muddy road with deep ruts. It can happen. :) You are basicly stuck in this position until you bust out the winch or help arrives. SOR FF axles, I believe don't come with the pumpkins so you will need to supply you own. Also you can get a newer FF for a fj40 with the Ebrake on the axle. You may be able to use a fj60 brake handle and cable assy to make the it work if you went this route. And you can also use pumpkins from a fj60 to install in the FF. There is also a vendor( I don't remember) out there that will make axles to fit a locker from 80 on this particular axle as well. Someone correct me if I wrong.
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I won't ever be taking the 55 on anything that needs more than 31s.

You have not stated anything about the intended use of this truck that would require the need to replace the rear axle.

As far as your personal stuff towards me goes, if you would like to PM me about something specific you are reading into my posts, feel free.

Otherwise realize this:

Open forum- you asked for opinions. If you did not want mine, perhaps you should have stated so.

Oh, and post count = nothing.


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