WTB: Stock steelies for a 40.

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Aug 24, 2014
Chilliwack, BC
Looking for a set of 5 stock steel wheels with clips for my '75. Either welded or riveted, as I have drum brakes. Rusty is OK. Im going for collector plates and its the last thing I need.
I think Justin put collector plates on his '42 with the white spoke wheels if you have a set of those.
Nice! Be sure to post a pick when you get them installed. If you're going to re-paint them, what colour are you thinking?

After thinking it over for a long while, I went with white...


...have since added the oem hubcaps.
I was thinking the stock grey, but I heard recently that there's about 50 shades of it, so I'll have to do research. Maybe the stock Dune Beige? Dunno. Opinions are welcomed.
I think Justin put collector plates on his '42 with the white spoke wheels if you have a set of those.

Yeah, but stock 15x6 white spokes would be correct for the 80's trucks, were there any BJ42's sold with hubcap wheels in this market? Or do you mean aftermarket white spokes (aka wagon wheels)? Might be some wiggle room for period correct items for collector plates?

RW 808, your 75 has front drum brakes?

Only FJ25s came with body colour painted rims, so not dune beige. The 60s they were black, 70s grey. Paint is easy to touch up chips and scrapes.
Snow Peak, I like the white rims with the red combo.
I really love these factory steelies. Thanks to Rob ;) and then Martin. I don't think they optioned the late model 42's with them, only the factory white spoke wheels. I'm not 100% sure.
Better photo IMG_1653.JPG
Truck looks good Justin. Figured you'd put them to good use. I planned on going with black when I was going to run them. Haven't done anything with the swapped splits yet, need something different for the 40, but they might work out well on the 60.

They are actually subaru (outback/imprezza ??) seats and they are uber comfy. But then again, anything is when compared with the stock 40 seats. ;)


How are ya, man? Thanks again, I really like the old school look even if they aren't the correct period for my truck. The splits would be rad on the 60!!!
1988 Toyota Camry are what I have in my 40. Very comfy with three-way manual adjust for lumbar, thigh support, etc.

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