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Nov 24, 2005
Gig Harbor, WA
United States
Looking for the following for my 61 FJ40:

- Fuel line (metal) from carb to pump
- Fuel line clips (the larger one on the head + the smaller ones that clip the vacuum line and fuel lines together)
- Fuel line from pump to filter

- Tail light brackets, covers
- Choke cable/knob
- Throttle cable/knob
- Dash turn signal lights
- Instrument Cluster (silver w/black lettering - does not need to be functional - just need the numbered facing)
- Horn wiring (see pic)

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I know I've got a rod or two next to the tool box lid. Should have some of the fuel line stuff, I'll check tonight.
Nope on the fuel line stuff. Gas tank filler and fiberglass shield probably. Maybe a tank, jump seats would need to be recovered.

Tool box lid has extra holes and needs some dolly work, but it's solid.
Great. PM me what you want for the lid and rod. Do you happen to have these small brackets for the rear of the seats?

I also need to track down the clasps for the lid. My toolbox is in bad shape and will need alot of work.


I might have the filler pipe and I have a tank from my 63. I will round them up in the morning and take some photos of them for ya'.

I'll take a look this weekend and post some pics.
Thanks guys.
PMs sent guys. Thanks.
I have some clasps for the tool box lid, have a fuel line that was cut and repaired with rubber. Might have the clips on it still.

I might have the bumper brackets reproduced. Any interest?
Updated list on main post to reflect what I have obtained (thanks guys) and what I am still looking for.

Thanks again

I do have a spare intake/exhaust manifold. has the FJ25 on the intake. I case anyone needs one.
I have one that probably is restorable, just thought there might be one in better condition out there.
Updated main list. Thanks
Still looking for some stuff. Top list is updated.
I have one that probably is restorable, just thought there might be one in better condition out there.

PMed ya.
Nothing but powder inside this wheel. ;p
I've got the ring for the end of the column, wire condition unknown.
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