Wrong color?

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Jun 5, 2005
Southern California
Is it possible that my 9/77 build date 1978 fj40 is actually dune beige and not beige originally? Color charts I've seen say no, but???
Just found my original window sticker and it says Dune Beige.
Color charts wrong???
If VIN tag says 416 it was originally dune beige. Many of the color charts are wrong as 416 dune beige was offered until July 1980.

Need some pics.

Btw - great color.
Copy (2) of Image-13.JPG
There is a whole lot of awesomeness happening in that pic!
Lol! About 1982 letting my nephew put some clips through the mini 14!
Would love to see more pictures of the paint job. Thinking of adding some retro striping when I repaint.

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