Winch in cabin control. Help!

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Apr 5, 2006
Albany, NY
I am trying to install Slee's in-cabin contol for the winch using the up-down antenna switch.

I worked on it until 1am and at the end it is not working. I need help troubleshooting to isolate the problem.

Ran 5 wires from winch control to inside. All wires on the Warn control side (outside) were terminted with an eyelet and soldered.
Red to Red
Brown to Brown (inside leg of the selonoid)
White to White
Green to Green
Black together with the Warn black to ground.

Here are the tests I have done with a voltmeter:
Red and Black in-cabin end -> I get 12V
Brown, Green, and white and ground -> 0 volt.

Red and one side of the antenna switch wire 0 volt, pushing UP button -> 12V (as it should)
Red and other side of the antenna switch - 0 volt
pushing the DOWN button -> 12V (as it should)

So I know the switch is working as it should. Providing ground when pushing either UP or DOWN.

I need to know how to test the white, brown and green wires.

My thought at the moment is to connect the Warn remote control and while pushing OUT - and if the wires are good - I should get voltage on white, or brown, or green.

Alternativly I can jump the in-cabin wires. In that case what wires should I be jumping. I am assuming it starts with the red (which I have 12V on).

This will isolate the problem to either the wire or the Slee module.

I need help with troublshooting the harnes using wire colors terminology to make sure the wires are connected correctly to the Warn control box.

It was so much work to take the box out and attached the wires that hope I did not screw up that part.
Does this help you at all?

I definetly wired the black wire wrong.
I put it to ground, but it has to go to the selonoid.
I am redoing it after work. :-((
Warn changed their wiring colors.
Red now is the hot 12V, used to be the white.
I worked with Cristo on the phone and we got his wire harness mapped to the new color scheme of Warn.

It is all working now great.

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