Will It Hold?

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Oct 2, 2004
White Mtns. AZ
Anyone had experience with welded cases? I want to go with an Orion, just don't have it in the budget yet. I'll run this one maybe 6-8 months....

Also I don't plan on beatin on it too hard...;)
cruiserpics 077.jpg
No points for artistic impression, but it looks like it will hold for the time being.
can you come to CA and weld mine? I have a crack on the opposite side. I have to stay up on topping off the fluid every 2 weeks.
It's not sexy, but it will probably hold for years under the right condition's. Run it till she blow's, then re-evaluate.
Grape hubba bubba has been proven to hold transmission fluid in for 300 miles:eek: :mad: :confused: :cool: . I am also a big fan of jb weld (not for permanent fix mind you; invalueable on the trail).
I'm no expert but from what I understand aluminum welds are very strong and where they are likely to fail are in a shearing direction, but it looks like the forces that will affect that will be more lateral. So I'd think it'd hold just fine.

Run it and be sure to update.

3jvj said:
I am also a big fan of jb weld (not for permanent fix mind you; invalueable on the trail).

tried it, didn't work
well the main weld bead looks like it will hold fine, on either end it looks like contamination from oil within the material. As long as the crack was drilled out at the ends of the crack that should hold. If you abuse it those cracks will propagate and you'll be worse then square one. You should always burn out the area before you TIG weld it.
HawkDriver said:
Well what'd ya try it on?

Good to patch a hole or something like that, not so much for a strong 'weld' as the name suggests....

have a crack in the t-case. used it to try to patch, seal the area. no dice.

I have come to conclude (on using it on other projects) that it is best in an application where it is in between 2 surfaces (like a sandwhich). bomber in that case.
Why is everyone so critical around here anyway?;)

Ok maybe it's not so pretty, but if it does the job, then who cares right?

Besides Alum. is not my choice of material to weld....:D

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