Where do I get a head gasket?

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Jul 21, 2008
WA, on the banks of the mighty Columbia
So after the unusually uncooperative Toyota dealer parts sales guy told me unconditionally that Toyota no longer sells a head gasket for my 9/72 F motor, I started to research a little. I found this:

11115-60032 1/68-9/73

as a part number (which the dealer guy would not divulge).

So my question is, where can I buy this OEM gasket? Or for the first time should I settle for aftermarket?

I'd be making phone calls, but it's Sunday (and Mother's Day) and if I did find someone in a shop, my wife might not appreciate it. She thinks I'm looking at patio furniture for her online right now!:D
My stealership always tells me that the parts I want are discontinued - they're rarely correct.

Don't settle for aftermarket, go OEM, they should be the new MLS style - MUCH better. Call CDan, or I've found that Toyotapartscenter.net has very good prices:

1111560032 $55.03

I've been looking for a thin head gasket for the 2F for the last few weeks while my build has been on hold waiting for parts, and I'm pretty sure no one makes an MLS for the 2F. I'd like to hear if anyone else knows of one since I'm having to go with a custom copper gasket and have the block O-ringed to do that.
MLS gasket

I think I read somewhere here that it was coming in the fall of this year.

Thanks for the replies. I'll try CDan tomorrow and see if I can keep it in the Mud-familia.

And everyone here pretty much rocks. That's why I bought the star!
x3 on CDan. I ordered an OEM head gasket from him for my F engine. It was a little delayed getting to me, so I called for an update. Dan had to order/reorder 3 times because it came from the warehouse damaged. Great customer service! Good luck.:cheers: Brendon
So if I wanted to contact CDan, what's best? PM?

Do I call the Toyota place in NM and ask for Dan? I'd hate to get the wrong person and try to explain the Mud connection.

And for the record, has Toyota stopped making this particular head gasket for the F? Are some folks just working off stockpiles? Thanks.
No more OEM head gaskets for an F?

Mr. T no longer makes a head gasket for the F.

CDan does not have one.

Every place I've checked has shut me down.

So before I give up and go to SOR ($37) and an unknown aftermarket gasket, does anyone have any OEM F-motor head gaskets stashed away?

I didn't think so. So any opinions on aftermarket makers are welcome.

Am I being stupid for repairing an otherwise fine motor and not going with a newer 2F or sbc?

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