wheel arch flares

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Jun 2, 2011
Brisvegas, Australia
Hi all,

we recently tore off the right rear flare and have gone out and bought a replacement from Mr Toyota. I note that many of you have simply removed all the flares on your cars and seem pretty happy.

We actually do want to put this new one on, but are having trouble working out exactly how to do it. No instructions included in our kit. Is there a trick or a tool required to seat the thing on the pins?


PS. Yes a newbie but travelling soon, will be here a lot more we suspect
If I recall correctly...:confused:

There are 2 screws at each end, you remove those and then slide the flare back or forward cant remember to remove it from the pins that go into slots on the flare.

Install its just reverse.

I think this is right?
I am sure its actually pretty simple. there are two yellow plastic pins below and two fixed slide bolts at the top. To get it on it seems as though you have to slide one way and then the other but there is not enough room to slide back when you have the first set of pins in. Its like you have to twist or bend it somehow, but that would break it. Because we ripped the original off, its a bit tricky to work out.

thanks for thinking about it. Surely there must be some instructions somewhere - can't find anything on the web.
When I said slide back or forward, it's more like rotate left or right along the path of the flare.

If that helps any.
wheel arch flare

sorting 001.jpg

sorting 002.jpg

sorting 003.jpg

hopefully I have worked out how to attach pictures. The problem with the other solution is that you almost have to dismantle the wheel arch/back of the car for that to work. Good thought though.
sorting 001.jpg
sorting 002.jpg
sorting 003.jpg
looks like those clips come out, then go into the molding/flare. After the clips are on the flare, snap the flare in place.
Can you post a pic of the inside of the flare?
wheel arch flare

some close up pictures of the inside of the flare. as you can see, the thing slides over the pins in two different directions. Thought I'd throw in my lovely little trouble-free Feroza as well. Doesn't owe me a cent, and MUCH easier to maintain!

it looks as though I cant put all angle up. Hope these suffice.

sorting 005.jpg
sorting 010.jpg
sorting 009.jpg
In this case the pin that goes in the oposite direction is probably a yellow plastic one.

Take that yellow plastic off the fender on and place it on the Flare.

Now install sliding the fender over the pins and at the and punch the flare to the last plastic one presses into the fender.

Does this sound right to you guys?

I would remove the all yellow pins of the fender and place them on the flare.

You might want to check from the inside of the truck, by removing the plastic quarter panel, just how to remove these yellow plastic pins, the metal ones I think are secured with nuts, but the plastic ones I'm not so sure.
Pull all of those pins out of the body and set them into the flare - you'll drive yourself crazy trying to twist and slide the flare on and probably end up breaking some mounting brackets. If you remove the interior plastic siding you can access the bolts and tighten up the flares. It's really a simple procedure...the fronts are tricker as you need orangutang arms.
The way I did it was have the clips in the body and slide the flare on in the direction of the slots on the flare. There will be a crew that holds it in place at one of the ends of the flare. Takes about 15 minutes.
Id put all the yellow tabs on the flare as well as the steel ones. Pop the flare on and then tighten it up from the inside of your van.


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