What is this bolt? Interior air ducting edition

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Oct 14, 2019
Seattle, WA
Hey folks, I unfortunately have lost the bolt that ties one of the heater control panel cables to a flap inside the air heater box. And now I can't actuate that flap using the control panel. And trying to pull out the heater box involves taking the whole dash apart... would prefer not to do that just before embarking on a long road trip.

Does anyone know what diameter/pitch/length this bolt is? Might be better described as a set screw, it was absolutely tiny. It bolts into this bracket into the central rod for the flap.

IMG_0541 2.jpeg

Located roughly here on the heater box:

Screen Shot 2022-01-05 at 09.39.06.png

And actuates this flap as such:

All the bolts on all Toyota’s are metric.
The ubiquitous medium sized small bolt everywhere on the cruiser with a 12mm hex head is a M8x1.25.

The next smaller bolt is a M6X1.0
And smaller still is a M4.

Buy a sample of each metric bolt size at the hardware store & label it. Or better yet, get a thread gauge.

Thread Gauges, for Metric

This is much smaller then a M8 or M6... maybe it's a M4. It's just very difficult to reach the threaded rod under the dash, I'm not convinced that if I had the correct bolt (or a thread gauge) I could thread it in. Thought I would ask around, I figure I can't be the first person to lose one of these.
I have a couple of spare heater units in the basement, I'll see if I can find the size of that screw.
Machine screw - M3 X 0.5 X 6mm long, with captive lock washer.
Thank you!! I would not have guessed it was M3 until going through a few iterations of messing up in that tiny narrow space.

Going to try and see if the local hardware store has M3-0.5, or order online. Maybe get a much longer one to help with the install.
Finally got around to this after my move... just confirmed that M3-0.5 worked for me. I went with an 8mm because why not (instead of 6mm); you can get 6/8/more lengths at Home Depot (not Lowes) with an Allen key head, which makes them so much easier to reach under the dash and install versus Phillips.

In the meantime my heater wire clips broke at one end, so I still can't actuate this flap. I have Toyota PN 93530-45020 on order from the dealership, which looks like the right one. Wasn't able to find a cheap auto parts store alternative. But very happy to have this screw now installed ☺️

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