What is a fairly good inverter and do I need a pure sign wave?

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Jan 23, 2019
What is a fairly good inverter and do I need a pure sign wave or will a PMW work ok?

Any suggestions?

I'm looking for one 1500 watts + and this will be hooked to 2 aux batteries with 190 amp hours available.
I would also like a remote switch to turn it on and off.

Mostly for camping and to run some power tools in remote locations.

Charging Laptops
Charging power tool batteries (while driving)

Coffee machine
Mini microwave (750 watt)

How much cooling fan breathing room does it need?
Would enough air flow be so this go inside the ARB fitment kit beside the ARB drawers?
Look into Zamp inverters. Good stuff, and can occasionally be found on good sales at Walmart (of all places).

Pure sine was feature is good for sensitive electronics.
I would post this in the Power Systems section, or maybe search there and the Expo sections.

I have a Xantrax 1000W that we used for an old laser scanner system, it was pretty fussy about power quality, and it worked no problem.
I got a 2000w given to me by a relative by mistake (left it in a public amazon list) I will say that this will be much Larger than you think. Definitely mock up the size before ordering. And yes, you need PSW.
Sine wave is required if you want to run a microwave, or other sensitive equipment. My GoPower 1500watt sine wave has been flawless. Keep in mind that for high draw output, voltage drop is the enemy. So...short run/huge wires are essential for massive draw stuff (microwave, full power heat gun , etc).





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