What distributor is this?

Jan 17, 2010
Norman, OK
After 16 years in storage, I finally turned my attention back to my truck (6/77. ) I was able to get it to run(!) but I think after 16 years a tune up might be in order. Can you help me identify this distributor so that I can order new points? (Yes, I see one of the point hold down screws is missing, I'm working on finding a replacement.)
I've used this link to tentatively identify it as a non-USA vacuum advance: http://www.globalsoftware-inc.com/coolerman/fj40/DizzyFaq.htm

There's a very worn tag on it that appears to have the numbers 11828, but Googling those numbers doesn't help.

distrib inside.jpg

distrib tag.jpg

distrib looking down.jpg

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