Weird problem, truck is turning itself off

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Jan 24, 2007
Little backstory,

9/93 build date, 239k, headgasket replace at 160ish. Runs great, runs strong, never had a bit of problems.

At gsmtr it tried to cut out but i caught in and brought the rpms up and it didnt die.

For the past week, every morning on my way to work it dies in the same spot. I pull up to the light stop for it to turn green and it cuts off. When i start it first thing in the morning it starts right up, idles fine. The drive to where it dies is about a mile and is in a neighborhood so the speeds are about 20mph. There are 2 other stops before the light that it dies at. Its also done this once on my way to lunch. Same exact distance, same exact 2 stops before it dies.

Its done this a couple other times in the past year and a half but now its doing it everyday at the exact same distance.
When i go to restart it will fire up run for 3 seconds and die. Then it wont do anything then in about 5-10 minutes (time varies) and after numerous cranking attempts it will start, idle extremely rough and then smooth out and run fine for the rest of the trip to work.

Since it started doing this Ive changed out the maf, and the iac, i recently cleaned the injectors and changed the fuel filter, the wiring at the egr looks to be in good shape. Plugs and cap and wires seem to be ok.

Anybody got any ideas or has had this similar problem. I have no clue where to start.

Have you tried driving to work a different way? :hillbilly:

First thing I would do is pull the coil wire off the distributor and check to make sure you have spark. If you do, then it eliminates ignition shorts. If you have spark, most likely a fuel system problem. You need to verify that the fuel pump is working. Coming from a 97 stand point, I don't know the best way to do this with your engine.

To take a guess, I would look at replacing your fuel pump relay. When that thing starts going bad, it can intermittently cause you problems till the contacts finally burn up. I admit you would be throwing parts at a problem, but a relay with that kind of mileage on it is getting pretty tired. Either way, start with the spark test first, then move on.
Agree, I would pull the relay and clean the contacts with some very fine sandpaper, to see if it made a difference.
Could a vacuum/air leak cause this??
Have yet to find a vaccum leak. It runs perfect all the other times.

I understand about the relay, but what are the chances its going bad at the exact same time at the exact same place under the exact same conditions.

Once the cruiser finally restarts its fine, and will run fine until the next morning at the damn redlight.

Testing stuff is iffy, im in atlanta and it always cuts out halfway into the intersection not the best place for testing things. And in the garage, everything tests fine.

Ill check the relay and report back.

Thanks again for the help and if you have any other suggestions/ideas let me know.

Thanks again

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