Web Site is back!

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Thanks guys!

I am still tweaking on the settings for the web site and the photo gallery. It's mostly testing different permissions for subscribers for uploading.

I also had to disabled registering for the web site for the time being. I noticed that a lot of bogus people (spammers, spam bots, etc.) were able to register and post "Male Enhancement" comments on our site. Once the code is in place to prevent non-human registration I will let you know. If you registered previously and can not log in for some reason, I probably deleted your account since it appeared to contain bogus information.

If you want to register for the web site now, I can register you manually so PM me your desired username and password. I will also need your real name and email address to complete registration. I will make sure your wordpress profile does not display your real name and or email address by default.

GSMTR 2012 Registration will be up and running this Fall. I am currently testing the code that we will be using for registration payments on some other web sites at this time. This will insure that we have a user-friendly registration process.

Let me know what else you would like to see on the web site!

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