water pump?

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Jun 27, 2005
San Jose CA
Now I get to learn about water pumps.

Had a small leak at trhe bottom. Pulled the 4 bolts, the bottom one was rusty.

I have a new gasket, but....the small bolt at the upper right is broken off down in the hole. The broken bolt is in a threaded hole that is part of the front casing. Doesn't seem to hold anything together...maybe an attachment for something on the front?

How does the pump come off? It seems odd that there are no upper left attachment bolts.

There must be a '
water  pump 7 2016.JPG
broken bolt is just on the water pump it's self...no need to worry about repairing it.
the pump is just ''stuck'' on the block.
try prying or tapping on the pump. a PO likely used silicone as a gasket or in addition to the gasket.

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