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Why you gotta tease like that? I only have so much will-power, and it was hard enough looking away from Brian's 60.

So are you going to be building a 4rnr now? Does the 40 get to come out and play?
Just cuz

Not "planning" to go big on the 4rnr - just want to get it running, check out everything / brakes /etc. and drive it.

We love the Lexus, but it is just too much to have sitting around 99% of the time. I have a company truck, so there's no reason to even use it for the short commute.
Forerunner??? Is that like a 4Runner? Or is it the golf pro special edition? :)

Anyways, congrats on the addition... Oh, and btw....

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!This thread is useless without pics!!!!!!!!!!!! :flipoff2:
I sent you pics - your damn firewall at work rejected my gmail account. Here they are:

It is a Fore runner due to the golfball shifter I suppose...
IMG00037 [800x600].jpg
IMG00039 [800x600].jpg
IMG00041 [800x600].jpg
And the rear bumper needs a lift! :D

Nice truck, tho...
and a rear bumper - are those dang tube things stock?

No, but they sure are ugly. How'd you find one with such great fenders? I don't see all the rust that's supposed to be there. Looking forward to the build-up thread.
Finally tried to start the '85 4Runner yesterday. The neighbor's dog was not amused! To my minimally knowledgeable ears, it sounds like a connecting rod is banging around in there. I started getting it ready to pull the motor last night.

As luck would have it, another '85 4Runner was in a towing company's auction last Saturday. No key, no info other than it had some troubles and was abandoned at one of the turnpike service areas. I went ahead and bought it - figured worst case was I'd part it out and give Bob a jump on EFI for his mini.

Today we went out after work and I'll be danged if it didn't start (my 40 and the other '85's keys both worked) and run pretty smoothly with no smoke. Not sure what the problem is with it, but clutch seems to work fine. Brakes feel pretty stiff - possibly an issue there - but right now who knows.

So, I may get a running rig out of this AND keep Shannon happy by not spending a butt load of cash... That'd be a first...
I'm going to swap in the running engine. Bob is interested in the EFI. Probably just part out the balance.

BTW - the 2nd one is nicknamed "Ick". Heck, there's a baby's car seat, petrified orange, and a tent in it (that I know of thus far). I'm thinking of wearing a full-faced respirator and nomex suit when I clean it out.

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