SOLD Used 2F from 1985 FJ60 Landcruiser

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Aug 27, 2020
United States

Located in Durango, CO
231k miles
It was running prior to me tearing it down. Can show videos if needed.
I am the third owner I believe. Alternator looks pretty new. AC system had an air leak - had no pressure when I was breaking it down. I am keeping the radiator.
Parts available
Would like to sell whole but willing to part out if there is a significant amount of interest.
4-speed transmission also available.
I am keeping the transfer case.
Motor is still in the truck - but hoping to pull it by 8/31. If you want it sooner than that come help me pull it.
Make me an offer.


Power steering pump and pulley. Shipped to 75080
If you do decide to part it out and individually price, I am interested in:

alternator and bracket
air cleaner complete
coil & igniter
distributor with advancer
dented pushrod side cover
engine lift hooks
fan belt tensioner pulley & bracket
possibly other pieces

I'm in need of the running 2F. Don't need the AC. Need the fan back to the 4 speed. Pan up to the air cleaner. Unfortunately, I'm in TN. How much for the engine and 4spd? Could you ship it to me?
Motor is still available. Not interested in shipping at this time. It is out of the truck and I need it gone ASAP. Will make a quick deal for anyone who can pick it up and help me pull the transfer case off.
Please come pick this up in Durango today. I absolutely need it gone. Name your price only if you can come get it. It will be just the motor without transmission and t-case until I can remove the t-case.
85 had two versions of H42. 4/85 a spacer was added so the length would match the H55F five speed. Which do you have?

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