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Oct 21, 2014
Victoria BC
New here... Any suggestions on an decent easyish trail near Victoria (Sooke? Shawnigan) to take a buddy out on? Also do you guys know of any places in Vic selling decent racks?
went out to mt provost/chemainus river park up in cowichan the other day, nice trails, great views. and some good history if you keep your eyes peeled.
make a right onto Drinkwater Rd across from the BC forest discovery centre, make a left onto the Cowichan Valley Highway and then a right onto Hilcrest Rd....carry on until satisfied haha
Correction, from Victoria, make a left turn at Drinkwater.
Might be doing a run out to the back way into Tugwell lake on Saturday, PM me if you want to come
Welcome to VI Cruisers. Regrettably many of the best wheeling areas have been made very difficult to access. The area the guys above mentioned has a lot of fun trails and is easy to get to though, definitely a good option.
Colin at Allseasons Auto Racks can order any yuppie Thule or Yakima stuff might want.

He also custom fabricates some of the most bad ass aluminum racks you've ever seen.
Thanks for the great suggestions. Can't make it out his weekend but will check it out soon. Thanks for the inside scoop on the custom racks I'll stop in talk to Colin. Cheers!
The shop that impressed me the most when I was sorting out my rack was the canopy shop on Douglas, next to the Volvo dealership @ Douglas and Hillside... By the back of SG power. Don't remember the name, but the owner was very helpful and sold me the Thule cross bar for 1/2 the price other shops wanted... Speaking of Thule, I've got some extra bars and bits and random pieces left over.
I believe that's hornby's canopies
Great guys there
Thanks. Looking for something like the Baja Rack short. I've heard bad things about clamping to the factory rails.
I'm new to owning a cruiser and looking for trails to lakes and cool spots too. Got myself an 80 this fall. I'm parked on pandora by chambers st.
Anyhow, went for an outing today, trying to get to one of the lakes, like Jack Lake, west of Langford. Couldn't seem to find a way in - as all the trail heads I found were gated off.
Ill keep following this thread.
Maybe see you guys around. ! Good luck with your search, as I'm looking too.
Hugh and 94L - do you have a Vancouver Island Backroads Mapbook?
Ya my buddy has it for his gps unit. I've got a copy on the way. Was looking for suggestions from folks that had been out on local trails recently. Seems the unexpected gate, log pile or dead end occurs frequently. And didn't want to get in over the windshield on a first go.
im heading out wheeling on saturday, you guys are welcome to come
That's the one. Lots of primary gates are marked, further north you get on the island, the better the access.

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