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Apr 21, 2012
granada hills,CA
hello, so i pulled a trailer wiring harness from a 1997 land cruiser a while back. i have a 1994, im wondering if its still plug and play for a 1994? if its not, how would i wire it up? i have the whole harness with all the male and female plugs. thanks guys
Planning on leaving tomorrow morning, anybody have any thoughts on this?
I got the wiring diagrams.

Brake light is a G-W wire
Tailight is Green wire
Turn signal right is G-Y
Turn signal left is G-B

I'm hooking up a 4 wire flat connector.
1 is ground and 1 is brake but the other 2 are signal. So which one does the tailight wire hook up too?

On a Toyota, you must use a converter to change the separate turn, brake & taillight signals into combined turn/brake/taillight signals. I don't know if the '97 harness will fit the '94. A quick look on says they are not compatible.

Hopkins shows a plug-in solution:

Otherwise you have to go with a universal one:

typical wiring diagrams:
On my '93, it had a Toyota converter spliced into the wiring behind the right rear panel in the cargo area. The Toyota converters are known to fail even if they've never been used. I had to replace my Toyota converter with a universal one & just used the original splices. If I was doing it from scratch, I would try the plug-in one, but you will probably have trouble finding one locally in stock. Walmart & most auto stores carry the universal ones for Toyota applications.
I really appreciate the input fellas. From my understanding the 94's diddent have a plug and play system right? So if I get the hoppy 43405 it won't work even tho hoppy claims it will work?
Ok I got it all connected, how do I know if the converter box is bad? I'm using a test light and i can only see the tailight working, but not the turn signals or brake light.
FWIW, I originally installed the Hopkins 33405 wiring kit in my 1994 FZJ80 and then moved it over to my 1995 when I sold the 1994 80. Easy install and worked on both trucks without issue.
thank you everyone!! so i got it installed, it was easy plug and play. it turned out the converter box was bad. i bought a universal one at the trailer hitch shop. i destroyed the old converter box to pull out the connectors, i wired the new box to the original toyota connectors so i did not mess with any factory wiring and its still plug and play. everything works great, thanks alot fellas.
This thread just saved me from posting a new one. Thanks for taking the OEM route and of course im 9 years late to the party.... FML. hopkins 43405 for $47 delivered from amazon.
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