Toyota SST 09992-00023 Compression Test Gauge Adapter substitute

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Jan 9, 2008
Moronville, ME
Edited on May 25th, 2021 to add: I'm no longer making these compression test adapters.

I have been working on a compression test adapter for the 13B-T engine. This is a replacement/substitute for Toyota SST 09992-00023 Gauge Adapter. I have a final prototype in-hand now and am happy with the way it came out. So I plan to start selling them very soon.

This is an adapter that you would use with your own diesel engine compression test gauge. It comes tapped with either 1/8" NPT threads or 1/4" NPT threads for you to connect it to your tester's hose and quick connects. There's a Schrader valve in the cylinder end to ensure the adapter and gauge doesn't add any volume to the compression chamber.

These are CNC machined from steel bar stock. I have to run them in batches of 12 to be cost effective for materials and machine time. It takes about 34 minutes on the CNC lathe to completely finish a single part.

Accepting pre-orders on the first batch of 12 at $69/each just to get them out there. After that the price will go to $89.

Edited on Sept 9th 2014 to add: verified that this adapter works with the 12H-T engine as well.



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Working on setting up a website now with a Paypal checkout process. Shipping will be via Priority Mail small flat rate boxes, $5.80 for the US. Looks like the Postal Service is charging $19.50 for the same service to Canada. (There must be a cheaper way to get this item there.) I'll need to figure out a flat shipping rate for the rest of the world.

If you write to me here, please include if you would like 1/8" NPT threads, 1/4" NPT threads or no threads tapped in the end end that goes to your gauge's hose.
I'll take one! 1/8" NPT threads please.
(Any plans to make one for the 3B flavor?)
I'll take one! 1/8" NPT threads please.
(Any plans to make one for the 3B flavor?)
Just checked the FSM... The Toyota SST 09992-00023 is listed for use in the 3B at the glow plug and the 13B-T at the injector. Can anyone confirm these are the same tools?
I still want one (per previous post).
They aren't the same tools. The 3B uses a 10mm glow plug adapter. It's a very common adapter that comes with most diesel compression tester kits. I bought a cheap Harbor Freight compression tester and it had the 3B style adapter. One also came in the kit with my digital Mightyvac brand compression tester.

I did check the FSM after reading your note and my copy also lists the same SST for the 3B and the 13B/13BT. Must be a typo, or the SST is a box of a bunch of adapters.
If you scroll to the very last page in this PDF file it shows that SST 09992-00023 is a full compression gauge set. So that explains why the 3B, 2H and 13B-T all reference the same SST part number.

It also explains why any listings I've seen for the SST have it priced at $500 and up.

I'll be clear on the website which engines it's compatible with.
My wife is putting together the website to take orders (website is offline/out of business) and we're trying to figure out how to setup the various options for this product. The Schrader valve could potentially gum up and stop working properly. Also, if you want to use this as a leakdown test adapter you'll need to remove the Schrader valve.

My questions:
  1. Should I include extra Schrader valves with the adapter or sell a small pack of valves as optional item? Thinking price would be a few bucks.
  2. Should I include a Schrader valve removal tool?
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Valve and removal tool can be an option or a separately available kit. It would be pleasant to have that included, but I don't think it is necessary. The valves and a removal tool are easily sourced, so I don't think you would be doing any disservice if you did not include them. Thanks.
I should have international shipping rates soon. It's annual tax time here in the States so I've been a little consumed with that the past couple of days. I need to go to our local post office to see what options are available. The website appears to quote rates that just seem too expensive.

I've decided to add a brass washer to the end of the adapter instead of using the washers in the engine. Waiting on those to arrive at the moment.
The is (gone, out of business) ... My wife put it together for me. It's amazing what can be done with Wordpress these days.

Flat rate US Postal shipping to the USA is $5.80. Canada is $12. Everywhere else $14.95.

The coupon code for the first 12 customers is 'firsttwelve'. This will give you $20 off the order.
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I plan to include two valves with the adapter. The valves I'm using are rated to 400psi which should be enough. So if one happens to let go you will have a spare. I've been looking into higher pressure options but they expensive quickly. $4+/each price range for a 500psi rating.

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