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Jul 23, 2012
Right off the bat when you buy it, your car will need anywhere from $2k to $8k+ to get it into spec and that you can rely on it for a couple years. If you are working with an absolute max, and spending a couple thousand over that will absolutely run you into financial problems and ruins. The LX is definitely not for you.

You're buying a 15-23 year old car. Think about that. If you're someone who doesn't own a set of tools, I really don't think the 100 is for you. Even if you want to learn, you can start off with something else to learn on. You're paying $13-30k on a something at a minimum of 15 years old now. That same money is a brand new Hyundai Elantra, Sonata, Santa Fe with a 10 year warranty. And you're using it as a commuter car.

How old are you? Can you just live up those dreams by borrowing your parents LX570 every so often? That sounds honestly much smarter and would be what I'd do if i were in your shoes.


... which went well!
Jun 4, 2018
Madison, WI
Listen to a lot of advice already posted here. I have personally steered lear a few of my friends of 100 series in the last couple of years. They are costly to own and to run.
If you need a reliable SUV for mostly road use, I'd say buy a Rav4 or Highlander. The second gen Highlander has pretty squarish profile so it doesn't look muxh like a crossover.
In a couple of years you'd be able to sell it without much loss and buy something else.

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