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Jan 19, 2005
South west utah
I picked up some Toyo open country rt's for my 80 10 months ago (315/75/16. They seemed great at first, ran smooth and quiet with good traction for my kind of offroading. Then I got my first flat and when I put my spare tire on which was one of my old nitto trail grappler mt's I realized how much smaller the Toyo's were. I measured them and they were only 33.25" compared to the nitto's that were 34.5" (with most of the tread gone) but they were supposed to be the same size. At this point I was a little frustrated but figured it wasn't a big deal. Well in the last 2 months I have had 2 more flats and I don't like running different sized tires. I have to say I am not impressed with these tires. I have had 3 flats in less than a year and have been offroading and driving less this year than ever before. I had zero flats in over 60,000 miles and 6 years on bfg mt's and the nitto's. It could just be luck of the draw but it sure seems like these toyo's get flats real easy. Now to top it all off I got the tires rotated and balanced for the 2nd time sense I got them (8,000 miles ago) as soon as I got the rotation and balance done the rig developed a horrible shake in the steering wheel over 50mph. I took them back to the tire shop and they rebalanced them later that week and they admitted they were out of balance after 5 days. After getting them balanced a 2nd time I still have a horrible steering wheel shake over 50mph. I am really bummed out with these tires and I don't know what to do next. I am assuming the tires are out of round but maybe the tire shop where I purchased the tires is just doing a horrible job balancing them. I guess my question after venting about these tires is what should my next course of action be. Should I take it another shop and pay to have them balanced and or checked to see if they are out of round? If they are out of round will toyo warranty an out of round tire? Should I go back to the same shop and ask them to balance them again? I don't want the tire shop where I purchased them to put the out of round tire (assuming it is out of round) on the rear and pretend like everything is fine. I wish I could just buy new tires and sell these but I started going back to school so now I am on a budget. Also all the bushings are new along with shocks, steering stabilizer, and all new heavy duty steering components. The rig has 3.5 degrees of castor and the knuckles are freshly rebuilt, along with these items and the fact that the shake developed the day I got the rotation and balance done I am very confident the shake is from one of the two front tires. Thanks for all your help
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May 15, 2005
I'm not sure its balance. I've got the MT's and had issues getting the bead to seat on a set once.
Turned out to be the shop, not the tire. Kinda pissed me off, I'd been loyal to them for a while.
I don't know if this it your problem, but worth looking into.
Aug 16, 2015
If it is the tire, most likely sepo (which can happen if you drive on a flat tire even a little bit) or flat spot. Try rotating the fronts to the back and if the steering wheel continues to shake then possibly suspension problem. I doubt ALL four tires are “out of balance”. Sounds like it is one of the two up front.

And yes, improper bead seat will cause the uniformity value for the entire assembly to be way out of spec.

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