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Nov 25, 2013
Asheville, NC
Hey Guys,

First issue, I got a new set of Enduro M/T 31.5x10.5x15 tires for my stock 77' FJ40 last week and they just aren't my cup of tea. I want to put some 33x10.5x15's on there instead. I have 7 inches of clearance from the bottom of the front fender, 5" from the side of the tie rod to the tire on the current set.

I couldn't find a definitive answer on here; will the 33"x10.5x15's fit without rubbing as use for daily driving and light trail use? If not, what will? To my knowledge my truck is 100% stock and it looks like it might work.
ImageUploadedByIH8MUD Forum1421697743.803601.jpg
ImageUploadedByIH8MUD Forum1421697782.587802.jpg

Second, are these steel wheels stock? I know what the other stock wheels look like but I've seen these on BJ40's stock from Toyota so I thought these might be stock too.

Third, my spare is the "for sure" stock OEM Toyota wheel. How do I know if it is the correct wheel for my 77' and not the older wheel for the non disc brake models?

The first pic is the front wheel, the second is the rear.

If anyone wants a good deal on these new tires PM me.
Those wheels are definately not stock. Not sure if 33's on a bone stock suspension will fit/rub or not. Most guys will run at least a 2 1/2 inch suspension lift and 33's. That seems to be the preferred set-up. I run 35's with a 4 inch lift, plus longer shackles and a front shackle reversal. I have enough room to run an even larger tire but 35's work well for me.
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John, I thought the same but I've seen other foreign spec FJs with the exact rims. They even say Toyota and the country name on the inside edge around the lug nut area.
Painted 60 series rims or late model 40 rims?
Are you sure your suspension is stock? that looks like a lot of room for oem. Yes,33 10.5 15 will fit, but in my case, it did rub at full lock and flexing. not bad enough that I wouldn't run them thought. just kept the rust of the trailing arm :hillbilly: I don't believe your rims are toyota, the later model 40 rims have 6 holes.
Ambrew, how can I know if it's stock? Measurements? Also. Anyone know how to identify my spare OEM wheel. Since I have a 77' w/ disc brakes... I want to know what it will fit on all four sides in case I need it.
Your wheels are a match to the 60 series original chrome.
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His wheels are not a match for 40-series stock wheels, or 60-series stock wheels, in the US. They are SIMILAR to the late model wagon wheels found on 80's FJ40's, FJ60's, and some mini trucks. However, they much more closely resemble the standard "wagon wheel" produced by cragar, centerline, and a dozen other companies. They are cheap replacement wheels that come in virtually any size and backspacing you want:

They seemed to have wound up on a ton of Land Cruisers when the stock wheels rusted out, including mine:

FJ40 Glamor Shot Large.JPG

The stock Toyota wheels only had 6 spokes, instead of 8, in the "star pattern" and more rounded holes in the wheels, instead of triangular. Like this random truck I found in another thread. These are the stock late-FJ40/FJ60 Wagon Wheels:

Wagon Wheels.jpg

The 8-spoke wheels were commonly found on Chevy trucks, amongst other things, and have become a pretty ubiquitous steel wheel design, offered by a bunch of companies.

VERY long story short, unless they did something entirely different overseas, those wheels aren't stock.

As for whether or not you will rub - it is really the rear wheel well you need to worry about. Far less clearance. If you have stock springs, they will be relatively "flat" (little or not arch). Lift springs will have a clear arch to them. Also - if the springs are original, with the original paint still on the springs, they will have a "Mitsubishi" symbol on them. Toyota didn't make a heavy enough leaf spring for these trucks, so they outsourced to Mitsubishi.

Mine had the Mitsu symbol, under the dirt, before I repainted:


Post up some pictures of the suspension and we can probably tell you. FYI - my truck has stock leaf springs, in the top picture, not the "flatness" of the spring - very limited arch.
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Thanks Beringer! I'm going to a friends house in a couple hours to continue working on my FJ. When the lighting is good I will post up a picture of the Australian spec BJ40 with the stock wheels that have "Australia" stamped on the inner ring.

My spare wheel on the back is the "for sure" stock OEM Toyota wheel. How do I know if it is the correct wheel for my 77' and not the older wheel for the non disc brake models?
Older stock steel wheels will have rivets running around the circumference of the wheel. These rivets will interfere with disc brake calipers. The newer stock wheels (76 and up) are welded (no rivets) and will work fine with discs. The newer ones can be used with drums too, just not the other way around.

So if the spare you have is stock for your 77 you should be fine, unless Australia was slower to get disc brakes than the US. Here is a link showing the difference between riveted/welded

The "Australia" stamps on the wheel may just be something indicating that they were made in AUS, or passed their equivalent to the "department of transportation" and are legal for road use in AUS.
put it on the truck and see if it spins without hitting any thing or rubbing easiest way i know

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