Tellico EA due out Friday, Feb 27th


Mar 26, 2006
Houston, TX
Get ready, it's comin'!

To summarize, the EA will be out (released to the public) on Friday. Southern has been asked to attend a meeting where they will summarize their findings and their alternatives. We will be attending.

To combat their science, SFWDA has been working behind the scenes and paid for our own analysis and has developed our own alternatives. THIS IS WHAT YOUR RESCUE TELLICO MONEY IS PAYING FOR.

Our study is meant to give us good solid standing for our comments to the EA. It is also a short and long term maintenence plan for the area. THIS IS SOMETHING THAT THE USFS HAS FAILED TO DO FOR 10 YEARS. We decided that if we are going to keep these trails open, we were going to have to do their jobs and take matters into our own hands.

We will be posting our study up on Southern's website ( as soon as we can too.

So it's time folks. Get ready...we'll report back as soon as we know anything.
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