Telescopic steering column

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Aug 11, 2018
Any of you replace the motors on the steering column.
I’ve replace the bottom one and although working is not tilting.
I’m putting it down to the telescopic motor which is quite stuck.
I’ve tried to replace this but I’m struggling to see how it connects at the bottom of the steering and how to dislodge it from there.
I replaced both at the same time. Then I disabled the auto tilt-away feature using Techstream.

Here's a thread on replacing the parts.

The tilt motor is held in place by hex head cap screws on each side of the motor body. Those screw into the brown bakelite looking bushings on each side of the tilt motor.


I circled the brown bushing in yellow highlighter and red pin. Do not lose the bushing. You need to reuse it with a new motor.

There is a red circle at the end of the motor shaft. That is held into place by a circlip. Once you remove the circlip, you can remove the motor from the tilt swing shaft.

Thanks for the info. I did not have to remove any circlip. As soon as I removed the 2 bolts the motor came out. This could be the reason why there is no tilt on the new motor that is not working.
The telescopic one I have and need to replace. Was just having a look at it and was wondering how it disconnects from the bottom. There are 2 bolts but the shaft seems to be engaged somehow. Any ideas?
Here's a picture of the telescopic shaft with the red outline. There are two bolts that hold the shaft in place at the top in addition to the two bolts that hold the motor.


Here's a picture of the flex shaft on the telescopic motor.


Here's a picture of a circlip on the tilt shaft. There are two circlips on the shaft. The shaft rotates between the circlips.


I moved the flex shaft (highlighted) from the old to new motor before installation.

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Here's a thread on replacing the parts.

Looks like a good thread!

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