Stubby antenna

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Yep, that's more or less what I have attached to the portion of the roll cage. Actually works pretty darn good.
I have never been one for listening to the radio while driving. One of the few cars that I did have a radio in I didn't want to mess the lines of my car with an antenna so I took two single strands of thin copper wire and starting at the center bottom of the windshield about an inch apart leaving a few inches exposed for hook up I tucked the wire into the rubber all the way round the windshield stopping an inch apart at the top center. As I remember it got very good reception.
Firestick used to make a shorter radio antenna. I know because a PO drilled a hole thru the cowl to install it!!!
I had a short "rubber ducky" one from the auto parts store, didn't get the best reception, but worked ok.

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