Stronger P/S pump

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Mar 28, 2010
Does anyone know if there is a bigger pump we can install?

It’s getting harder and harder to park this thing with 37’s without reving it a little for any movement.

Yes everything has been done for any type of “drag”.
I have been wondering about a bigger pump as well. I tried to find info on the 1FZ used in forklifts but didnt find anything useful. I was thinking the forklift engine would probably have a pretty decent sized hydraulic pump mounted where our power steering pump is. From there the possibilities are endless.
I'm running a 365/75R16 (roughly 37 x 14.5) on stock wheels. On road the steering system has zero problem turning the tires. Off road I have to gas it from time to time, but mostly do not have an issue.

How much wheel backspace are you running? Wheels with a heavy offset seem to greatly increase the effort to steer the truck.
I'm on 37s and just replaced my pump with a new OEM unit. Steers on the street and parks with zero issue. Only thing it doesn't like it going lock to lock on pavement with no forward or rear movement :meh:
Hydro assist will solve this issue and also relieve some of the stress from the factory steering system and frame. It’s the cheapest and most effective solution to two possible problems. West Texas Off-road comes to mind.

So far the new pump I installed three years ago is performing satisfactorily with 37’s but it would still be nice to relieve some load from the factory set up in an effort to avoid a cracked frame, twisted sector shaft or broken pitman arm.
I’m on 37’s and just rebuilt my OEM pump and am installing a larger cooler. Expecting it to run as it would normally with a 12.5” wide tire.
I was thinking of hydro assist and a hydraulic winch

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