strange noise from driver front

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Jul 27, 2007
96 LX450
all general maint done

I have a noise coming from my driver front wheel area
It sounds like something is stuck in the tread, as the noise speeds up and slows down with the rig.

But that is not what it is

I serviced the front axel 1k ago
I removed the tire.... nothing in the tread
I am having the tires checked on Tues.
noise stops when braking
does not sound like when my birf. was going out no loud popping

? wheel bearings

I would appreciate any insite on the matter as my personal diag. time is low.

Thank in part to my addiction to this thing I now have 3 jobs and very little down time. Have to pay for all the unessecry PM I feel I need to do every time I get on here :)
loose caliper? Bearings tight without additional play, (loc-nut backing off?)
will check

Thank for the suggestion

Engine prob. no prob. for me to figure out
driveline prob. =:bang:
Thanks landtank

I got impatient this morning and took it to the local wallmart tire center ( only thing open near me)

They put it on the balancer

all 4 of my new pro comp tire All terrains are xxxxed up.
you could see the tires moving left to right on the balancer
they said the tread was twisted in multiple spots

? now is this I had these on my other cruiser that had a bad viscous coupler for about 2k
Is this what caused my tire prob. or is it a factory defect in the tire
yea I have a appoint. with 4wheel part on tues.
They have to say thet are messed up for procomp to cover them
THanks again
hope that will take care of the noise

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